NOW if I had a euro for every time I get asked about how you run a UK-plated vehicle down here, or how to go about buying a vehicle registered in Spain or Gibraltar, I would be a rich man.

The simple truth is, if you are running a UK-registered vehicle that would not be deemed roadworthy in the UK, it is not roadworthy here either.

And the fact that Spanish police now have the ability to cross reference with the DVLA in the UK only increases the risk you are taking.

If your UK-plated vehicle has no MOT, you are risking a heavy fine and the likelihood of losing your vehicle.

Even if you have insurance it will not be valid if your vehicle is not roadworthy, so please heed this advice and make sure your vehicles are fully compliant with UK legislation, and that includes bikers too.

If you have Spanish residency you can import your vehicle onto a Spanish registration, or if you have a residence within Gibraltar you can import it onto the Rock.

The cost of running your vehicle in Gibraltar is cheaper in the long run as there is no road tax to be paid, and an MOT is only needed every two years. The intimidating appearance of road blocks set up by the gun-wielding Guardia Civil is bad enough when driving by in a fully-legal car, so God knows how it must feel when you are driving outside of the law.

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  1. Are there other benefits in owning a Gib registered car? There
    seem to be far more of them in Spain than there are Gibraltarian residents! Is it worth (or possible) setting up a ‘brass plate’ company registered in Gibraltar to register a car there?

  2. @Steve

    There are plenty of benefits of having a Gib registered car, mainly
    1) You can ignore Spanish speed cameras
    2) No aggravation with ridiculous ITV rules (ie car mods)
    However the cost of a “brass plate company” will far outweigh the benefits unless you are driving a £120k plus car

  3. My son is looking to buy a Gibraltar registered car and wants to know of any pitfalls; for example, does he need to change to Spanish plates? Are there any problems with Gibraltar/Spanish Insurance and ITV/MOT? Any help with thes questions much appreciated. He lives in La Linea, works in Gibraltar. Many thanks.
    Gina Watson

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