THE Mojacar Positiva Se Mueve party is calling for the District Electoral Board to keep a close eye on postal votes.

Party leader, Jessica Simpson, insists citizens are already seeing irregularities in the build up to the May elections.

“We believe the Board should put procedures in place to ensure that the democratic system is enforced and respected,” she explained.

“In past elections the scale of postal votes in Mojacar, Almeria, has been suspicious.”

In 2007 postal votes accounted for 12.6 per cent of the total in Mojacar – where 70 per cent of the population are foreign residents – far exceeding the national average of less than three per cent.

Moreover, nearly 90 per cent of the previous postal votes were all for the PP.

It follows similar accusations by PSOE candidate Manuel Zamora that local residents have reported receiving offers from certain political parties in exchange for their postal votes.

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  1. In fact, the law about this has changed somewhat. Many second or third generation Spaniards, emigrants in other countries – some of whom had never even visited Spain – remained on local padróns and – through manipulation or family ties – were able to vote for parties they knew nothing about and which would have no effect on their lives. In Mojácar, the ambitious leader of one party actually visited South America in search of those votes, getting 300 of the 330 postal votes cast in the 2007 elections.
    Now the law has changed, and Spanish expatriates can only vote in regional and national elections. Those who will be voting in the local elections, the odd scam, flim-flam and 200€ tip aside, will be local residents.

  2. yesterday our friend went to collect her postal vote from the Mojacar post office . there was no notice of a certified mail . she went back this morning , now that it is too late to vote, to enquire why the voting slip hadnt arrived and was told it had been there all along but the notification wasn´t in the box as votes are handled in a different manner .(no notification required). another Foreign voter denied their right to vote .
    i didnt mention that the person in charge of the Mojacar post office is a candidate for local office here in this paradise of democracy where votes are currently being purchased for 400 €uros each .

  3. Another corrupt voting system good bye Mojacar there was money passed for votes people were not able to postal votes
    there are a 150 people working in the Town hall in a small village like Mojacar what do we pay taxes for just to keep most of the Mayors family and friends in a style of corrupt living and luxury.

  4. Hi not sure if i am on the right site to ask a question , but here goes
    I bought land in 2001 in el-margen
    From simon warner
    I was directed to Bufete Miguel Rodriguez the solicitor
    To sign the relevant forms
    We hired an interpreter and went to the town hall to seal the deal at great expense
    Also to get an escatora which i paid for and believed i would receive, although looking at the form in front off me for the first time in years
    It says compra venta
    After a while we submitted plans for 4 units on the land all was agreed
    We started to build 2, to date i have spent 50k, when i heard about all the problems i pulled off and closed the site down until things were sorted
    I now understand that all off the above people were illegal and so are the properties
    And that the mayor and solicitor were sent to prison
    Can anyone advise me what i should do now ref finding out if i am legal
    I have not been back since 2005 when they were still standing although everything movable had been stolen
    Although i do not owe any money on the properties this was my life savings
    Seems i may be yet another idiot who believed in people
    Looks like i have been shafted by the Spanish , and a brit simon warner


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