19 Jun, 2011 @ 08:40
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Spain’s road deaths drop a record rate

By Sally King

DOZENS of lives have been saved since new driving measures were introduced.

Overall, 59 less people have died this year compared to last year.

Between January and May, 561 people died in accidents on Spanish roads, which compares to 620 last year.

The decrease in fatal accidents at 9.5 per cent was even bigger than in 2010, which saw an overall drop of 9.1 per cent on the previous year.

All regions have seen a drop apart from Aragon, Cantabria and Murcia.

Navarra saw the biggest drop in car accidents with a decrease of 50 per cent.

For the first time on record, the Easter period saw road deaths fall below 40.

Neither the government or the Traffic Department would confirm that the drop is due to the introduction of new 110kph speed limits on the motorways.

However, they did admit that it could be one of the contributing factors.

Other measures, such as a campaign to prevent, people using mobile phones at the wheel and other distractions, are likely to have had an effect.


James Bryce

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  1. Could it also be that the there has been a significant drop in the number of visitors to the country (tourists) who are not always as comfortable driving in a foreign country?

    It will be so easy for the government to say it is the reduction in the speed limit, as an excuse to keep it as a permanent feature, when it comes to an end in June.

  2. What new driving measures would they be? There has been a 10 Kph reduction in the speed limit, but that has nothing to do with deaths on roads. This statement is just as valid as saying there has been a reduction in road deaths since solar flare activity has been at its maximum. Perhaps solar flares are the reason?

  3. What nonsense. For any valid statistical analysis one would need the figure per vehicle kilometre. It is quite evident to everybody that there are significantly less vehicles on the road due to the recession. Plus every yesr there are dramatic improvements as old cars are replaced by new with hugely improved safety features. This must be factored into any analysis. At least the government here aren’t doing what the UK government would do and claiming credit. Pity the journalists can’t see the obvious.

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