THE former mayor of Ronda has come under fire for leaving the town hall on the brink of financial ruin.

Controversial Antonio Marin Lara has been accused of ‘appalling economic management’ after leaving the town over 30 million euros in debt. The former PSOE leader is now facing legal action, alongside his deputy Francisco Cañestro.

It comes after new PP mayor Maripaz Fernandez called in state auditors to examine the town hall accounts.

The situation comes despite millions of euros being injected into the town hall for permissions for the controversial golf development Los Merinos.

Marin Lara – who has twice swapped parties to keep control of the town hall – has been investigated for his ‘unethical’ role in passing the scheme.

Marin Lara – a former member of Marbella´s scandalous GIL party – denied that the situation is as ‘dramatic’ as Fernandez is making out.

Meanwhile the incoming mayor in Estepona is also facing a trail of debt. Within days of taking over the town, new mayor Jose Maria Garcia Urbano received final notices warning the town hall’s electricity was going to be cut off and the petrol supply stopped unless bills were paid.

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  1. Seems a somewhat harsh point of view, Antonio. If “Toti” is found guilty of being a crook, he should be made to pay up and go to gaol, though I doubt even he managed to accumulate 30 million in backhanders and illegal commissions. He may well be innocent, however, and was just incompetent …

  2. But in comparison, this fellow is unskilled or can’t add compared to the Treasurer of the Labor Party in the UK. When they lost office to the Tories, the Labor Treasurer left a note for his Tory replacement,
    “Sorry old boy – there’s no money left”!

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