THE new mayor of Antequera has taken a pay cut of nearly 14,000 euros a year.

PP boss Manuel Baron is to take an impressive 22 per cent less than his PSOE predecessor Ricardo Millan. He will still take home a cool 3,500 euros a month – a total salary of 49,000 euros a year.

It comes after the Andalucian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP) imposed a cap on mayor’s salaries dependant on the population of the municipality.


  1. He may not be exactly a fully paid up member of los pobres but if all the PP mayors and Junta presidents followed suit then it might add some credibility to Rajoys claim to be able to drag the country out of it’s inability to control expenditure.

    Antequera is €7million in the red caused mainly by the Millan administration’s lack of control. So Sr Baron should be given some credit for his decision. In addition, compared to his counterparts in the UK he is not that well paid.

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