1 Sep, 2011 @ 22:13
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Breakfast news

Over a tasty tostada, Jane shudders to imagine a world without newspapers

A CRUSTY piece of toasted bread drizzled with dark green olive oil and topped with freshly crushed tomatoes and maybe even some chopped ham as an extra treat – well it is Sunday!

The Cordobese breakfast is second to none. Of course an Irish breakfast of rashers, sausages and eggs is still high up on the list, but I can’t imagine eating that tasty ‘heart attack on a plate’ every day of the week. I’ve no problem putting away a tostada con aceite y tomate Monday through to Sunday mind you!

But the tostada is just one of two reasons why Sunday morning is my favourite time of the week in Cordoba. The other is – the Sunday newspapers.

Breakfasting outside with warm sunlight flickering through the branches of the Plaza’s trees – and actually having time to sit and read the newspaper – is pure bliss. From catching up on international news to taking it easy with the culture section, to giggling at the scribblings of one journalist or fuming at the next – newspapers are just great.

It got me thinking. I hope newspapers don’t ever disappear. There’s always talk about the demise of print media and everything going online. But imagine having to drag a computer along to your favourite café and then plug it in and hope and pray it connects to the Internet before getting to read the news online?

No way – in my world it’s all about tucking the paper under your arm, turning the big broadsheets pages and then swapping sections with your other half while also discussing how ludicrous the world is in-between.

No technology, no plugs, no connections or Internet – Sunday mornings should always just be about tostadas and a good print newspaper to read!


  1. “No technology, no plugs, no connections or Internet”

    Sounds just like any town in Andalucia lol.

    Btw Jane, people use tablets (e.g. iphones and PDAs) to read these days, not cumbersome laptops. Try one, you’ll like it.

  2. Shame newspapers and books will die out; that’s progress for you. Our generation, alas, is out of date on these things. Just watch any teenager to see what the future brings…

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