EXCLUSIVE By Wendy Williams

THE early days of any marriage are a true voyage of discovery.

And this was certainly the case for British couple Johnny Latimer, 32, and Jude Onions, 27, who literally unearthed a new cave while on their Spanish ‘pot-holing’ honeymoon.

The newlyweds – who are keen cavers, having married in Ingleborough Cave in the Yorkshire Dales – spent their honeymoon exploring the extensive Matienza cave system in northern Spain.

It was here they made their romantic discovery.

“It’s a small cave but it could lead to bigger things,” said teaching assistant, Jude.

“We called it ‘Honeymoon Pot’, which we thought was appropriate,” she added.

The larger cave was actually discovered by her brother-in-law in 2007 and more parts have been discovered by British potholers every year.

“It’s a massive trip with traverses and sumps that have to be dived. Not that many people want to do it, but we are hoping to go back,” said Jude.

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