19 Oct, 2011 @ 10:53
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Boland launches new radio station on same frequency as Heart

By Wendy Williams

HEART FM bosses have denied any bad feeling after controversial DJ Maurice Boland took over their coastal frequency for a new radio venture.

The self-styled ‘Mr Marbella’ has left the station and plans to launch his new business later this month.

“As far as we are concerned he can have it, it was an amicable agreement,” owner Pat Jay told the Olive Press.

But other sources have revealed that there has been ‘considerable tension’ over the fallout, which left Heart FM ‘retrenching’ back inland.

“There have been various issues and Pat and husband Lee have been left shattered,” said a friend.

Now Boland, 62 – who was sacked from his previous job at Talk Radio Europe (TRE) after an alleged affair with a teenager – is setting up a studio at Estepona’s Kempinski Hotel.

According to sources, he has managed to acquire a retail space to work out of and claims to have some big backers.

“He has been approaching presenters at other radio stations, but is not offering a lot of money,” said a source.

When the Olive Press spoke to Steve Gilmour, TRE station manager, he said: “I wish Maurice the very best of luck and contrary to any rumours he hasn’t stolen my presenters.”

Meanwhile, Dubliner Boland was quick to dismiss reports of a fall out with Heart.

“I just bought their transmitter on the coast. I am not taking over Heart or anything like that.

“I am very appreciative of everything they have done for me and I am extremely fond of Lee and Pat,” he revealed.

“I am really excited to be setting up a new station,” he added, confirming it will be called I Talk Europe.

“I like to talk a lot,” he added.

Wendy Williams

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  1. ….I have just read the article and to be quite honest this seems to be making Maurice look bad – it was a very amicable split. I decided to semi retire into the inland areas where I started the station and go back to having some fun with it so listen into 96.1fm throughout the Guadalhorce Valley and around the world on http://www.heartfmspain.com – HEARTFMSPAIN still lives on!!!!!

  2. I’ve just read this article and it has left me totally flabbergasted. Firstly Maurice Boland has not and never would self style himself as Mr Marbella I know for a fact that title highly embarrasses him. No, in fact it was YOU, the Olive Press, who made up that ridicules title. But, what has left me flabbergasted is the Olive Press sensualising, yet again, stories about Maurice Boland, so perhaps It’s about time that the Olive Press comes clean and tell us what is your true purpose behind these stories about Maurice Boland perpetuating controversy around him, maybe a clue lies in the fact that you and Talk Radio Europe co operate together!!!! I have never in all my years read such nonsense as this article, Maurice and Heart FM, as Lee and Pat stated, parted company amicably as friends and I know that they will be as disgusted as myself and any others who know the facts to the lies you have printed. From what I know Pat and Lee approached Maurice asking him to buy there transmitter etc handing over the frequency as they wanted to go back in land on the frequency they are now transmitting on, reporting that: ‘“There have been various issues and Pat and husband Lee have been left shattered’ Is a total lie. As far as him going after staff from other radio stations, thats a laugh, I say that because I know his line up of professional prersenters and not one of them was working on a radio station in Spain when approached by Maurice Boland. The Olive Press should admit that they only printed this nonsense to whip up more controversy surrounding Mr Boland and should apologise publicly. You are a perfect example of what is called gutter press. Surely if you were, even half professional, you would have called Pat and Lee and simply have asked them to tell you exactly what was going on, but I suppose that wouldn’t have got the story you wanted. I hope Pat and Lee print the truth and leave The Olive Press with egg all over its face!!!

  3. Hi,

    I guested on Maurice’s show at Heartfm and got to know Lee and Pat. They were delighted to do business with Maurice over the sale of a frequency and a transmitter. I didn’t notice any acrimony, in fact the deal was amicable. Maurice was grateful for the opportunity at Heart, and Lee and Pat seemed very happy to have him. I am disappointed at the tone of this hastily thrown together article by Wendy Williams. There is a sinister feel to it, and all the other recent articles written about Maurice Boland. I worked for TRE for a year and was surprised to be dismissed on Monday August 8th at 9.30AM, thirty minutes before I was due to go on air. As I have a court case against them pending, I have nothing else to say about this. I was surprised however, to learn that one TRE listener contacted this publication, to complain about a sinister phone call he received from the manager of said station. The Olive Press ignored his letter, all the more surprising, seeing as the listener lives on the Costa Blanca, and was a distinguished lawyer in the United States for many years and was making very serious but true, allegations against the manager of TRE.
    So Olive Press, please play fair. Subject your recently acquired media partner to the same scrutiny as you subject Maurice Boland. You may well be very surprised at what you learn. And by the way, his new station will be called italkfm and not the name you published. And let me finally address your claim about poaching presenters. Maurice has not approached a man or woamn currently presenting a programme on radio in Spain. I know this for a fact.
    Your publication is important and contributes greatly to ex-pat life here in Spain, but let’s have some balance, some fair play as it were. I will not be adding any more to this thread,


    Richie Allen

  4. We did speak to Pat and Lee and their comments are in the article.. We stand by the story and we wish both Maurice all the luck with his néw venture and Lee and Pat continuing success inland !

  5. Richie
    We know nothing about your departure from TRE, nor have we had any contact with you before …. But one thing for certain we have never received a letter from a US lawyer on the costa blanca about the station boss …. There is an awful lot of gossip and bitching about the station that is for sure but, rest assured, when we have a proper solid reason to investigate any of these – mostly – wild claims we shall, as we do with any business… With the news of Boland’s new station we are relying on v reliable sources Inc of course Maurice himself.
    We are trying to keep our readers informed of news on the coast even largely trivial stories, like this one… So pls stop trying to shoot the messenger

  6. What’s is your problem Olive Press ….you seem forever trying to knock Maurice Boland at any opportunity you can … give it a break, it’s getting on my nerves now … Maurice is a great presenter and I wish him lots of luck at his new station .. I can’t wait to have him back on the airwaves .

  7. Wonderful, pt 437 in the MB witch hunt. And each one goes downhill from the last.

    How cliched to continually trot out that ‘self styled Mr Marbella’ you coined for him. The nearest MB is to Mr ‘Anything’ is Mr Marmite. For the record I don’t fall in the ‘love him’ group, anything but. I am, however, really bored of your tedious agenda against him. I know you are very proud of ‘breaking the story’ over his alleged indescretions with the wee girl but I’m not sure that a protracted splattering of bile regards his ongoing ventures is particularly justified.

    Just a thought, look for better sources when it comes to stories on MB, and maybe look a little closer to home for stories in future, I’m sure you’ll find some editorial delights if you open you eyes to those round about you.

  8. Gosh what a load of rubbish to put in your paper. I hope he puts TRE in their place. Their station is nothing without Boland.

    Mr Marbella ??? No….. but a good radio presenter = YES

    Good Luck

  9. Now that it has been confirmed by the owners of Heart fm (see comment by owner Lee Jay 19th Oct) that there was NO ‘considerable tension’ or that they were left ‘shattered’ after I purchased their transmitting equipment, now that has been cleared up I would like to clarify one other point. When the Olive Press referred to me as ‘the self styled Mr Marbella’, by using the words self styled one would conclude this is a title I gave myself and nothing could be further from the truth. I am embarrassed every time I read it. So I confronted the publisher of the Olive Press, Jon Clark, by telephone and asked him where did this self styled Mr Marbella come from? He admitted that he had copied the reference Mr Marbella from an Irish Magazine that THEY had used in a story about my life in Marbella, they never used the words self styled and they certainly did not come from me. It is a title I am certainly not worthy of and should be used perhaps when referring to Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe or Rudolf Graf von Schönburg, two men who were greatly responsible for the Marbella we know today. So perhaps now Jon you’ll STOP using the words ‘Self Styled Mr Marbella’.

  10. If the comments above where not true Boland you would not bite.

    I used to listen to you once, but after a while listening to you loving yourself day in and day out, enough was enough.

    The new name of your station sums you up ITALK.

    You are a wanna be that never will be……

  11. Ian, Can you not read or perhaps you choose to ignore the truth but It was not Maurice who said the comments weren’t true it’s the Editor of this Olive Press Jon Clark people who admitted he miss quoted in reference to the self styled MR Marbella quote and in the case of Heart FM’s owner Lee Jay, he clearly wrote that the innuendos re being upset with the deal with Boland were inaccurate. Read what they said, surely you’re not blind as well as ignorant?

  12. Ian it seems to me that anyone, and that’s the majority of posters on this paper, who support Maurice Boland are according to you ‘Boland Groupies’ If they agreed with you ( in your dreams) would they be called ‘Ian Groups’? Re your other ridicules comments, what planet have you been living for the past 100 years?

  13. Ridicules Comments??? Planet earth. Bored of you now. See below.

    Celebrity Irish DJ Maurice Boland has been having a secret affair with a 16-year-old teenager in Marbella.

    Known as “Mr Marbella”, the former Irish nightclub boss, who has been married for 40 years, had his long-standing contract with Talk Radio Europe on the Costa del Sol suddenly terminated last week when the affair with the teenager came to light.

    Mr Boland was helping the young entertainer prepare to sing in his Marbella talent competition, The Wow Factor, which he set up in aid of a cancer charity, when the affair took place.

    Speaking for the first time about his relationship with the 16 year old, Mr. Boland told the Sunday Independent he made a “terrible” mistake.

    “I made an error of judgement,” he said. “I got involved with someone. I have been married for 40 years next year. I have been in the media and nightclub business for many, many years and I’ve never had an affair.

    “This is the first time it’s happened. I made a very bad misjudgment, which is terrible and hurt a lot of people, including my own wife and her family and my children. And all I can say to those people who are hurt — I am sincerely sorry.”

  14. Ian, this story has been more or less discredited by one of the main sources who has since admitted he was lying and made up a lot of it. So let’s all of us move on get a life, this is old news there are far more serious and important things happening in our world than to continuing harping back to this old story

  15. I was shocked when the news about Maurice being “let go” was announced especially after looking into the reasons. He was naughty by having an affair and committing adultery but in this day and age the assassination of his character is terrible but understandable when we look at how unhappy and nasty many expats. have become.
    He committed no crime as the girl was willing and was well over the age of consent in Spain. Perhaps she also fell in love with Maurice as he is a real charmer but as the intolerance of some expats is now evident, where he has apologised, his wife has forgiven him and the episode is behind us all. To expect the man to roll over and die is crazy.
    The “Phoenix” has arisen and we have seen his new premises at the Hotel Kempinski, and they are terrific, much better than his old offices/station. He will survive as he is a survivor. One last comment. How many of the critics with all the porn available to children now everywhere supported Mary Whitehouse in the 70 -80s in the UK where she was made fun of for correctly warning society that the “forced on us porn” and the general descent into foul daily language would be very bad for the future? I was ostracised then for supporting her in the Press but once again history proves I was correct as were many others who supported her stance. Sadly I have made predictions in writing before that were scoffed at but have now come to pass especially in Africa where I have lived for 25 years and now in Europe with the invasion of radical Islam. Oh for the days of my youth when children were prevented by all adults from becoming sexualised by the unscrupulous money-grabbers.
    Good luck, Maurice. You will succeed as most people love a winner.

  16. hello everyone One thing is for sure.. this is getting everyones’ attention, Mr Boland is popular.. it would seem, so the New station should follow suite. Maurice you need to get frequencies on the MW as well.. as your same strength FM, signal will go so much further.. for almost zero extra cost
    (speak to your techies)

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