29 Oct, 2011 @ 21:44
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The key for lovers…

AROUND the world, public fixtures such as fences, gates and bridges are being adorned with “Love Locks”, padlocks baring the names of lovers and friends.

From Paris to Seville, Rome, Venice and Verona, “Love Locks” have been appearing on bridges and railings in their hundreds and it appears that now the craze has hit the vibrant city of Malaga.

On the bridge which crosses the Guadalmedina River from Calle de Alemania over to Pasillo del Matadero, near Hotel Guadalmedina, padlocks embellish the railings, exhibiting the initials of friends and lovers, or simply graced with hearts.

On bridges the tradition has been to fasten the padlock to the railings and drop the keys into the water below, a symbolic gesture of ever lasting love. According to the Telegraph, the trend is believed to have originated from the 2006 cult novel “I Need You” by Federico Moccia in which a young couple write their names on a padlock and attach it to a lamp post on Ponte Milvio and kissing before throwing the keys into the River Tiber.

Websites have since appeared selling specially designed padlocks and engraving materials for lovers, friends and family wishing to partake in this growing trend.

However, unromantic officials have been known to remove the locks, most notably and recently from the Pont de L’Archereche in Paris. These officials state that the lock are an eyesore, or “acts of vandalism” that take away from the architecture and fixtures of cities.

In Moscow, metal trees have been erected on Luzhkov Bridge, giving a designated area for friends and lovers to express their love and affection.

The fate of the “Love Locks” in Malaga is unknown, but for the time being the locks remain untouched and ever growing in number along the railings over the Guadalmedina.

Adele MacGregor

Welsh au pair living in Malaga


  1. I agree…great photo! Love padlocks are an expression of love shared by many people around the world. Many charms, keepsakes and pieces of jewelry are used to express love from one person to another and now custom engraved love padlocks have been added to the list.

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