By Eloise Horsfield

WE all know the scene in Oliver! where evil Bill Sykes is hanged after killing his prostitute lover Nancy.

Well, just before a recent rendition of the show at Fuengirola’s Salon Varietes, fiction almost became a reality when actor Peter Height, playing the role, almost came a cropper.

It came as Height suffered a nasty fall from the scaffold during the hanging scene.

The rope slipped… causing him to fall two and a half metres head first, resulting in nasty injuries – although fortunately not a broken neck.

Peter, who regularly choreographs plays with the popular theatre, was taken to Carlos Haya hospital in Malaga where he was given 19 stitches and treated for bruising.

The former star of the popular 1970s programme The Black and White Minstrel Show has since been flown back to England and is making a recovery.

Thankfully, the show was not affected – with director Peter Mitchell stepping in and playing his injured colleague’s part.

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