21 Nov, 2011 @ 11:00
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No more dog mess in Mijas

MIJAS is finally getting tough on illegal pets.

In a bid to clamp down on street mess and nuisance noise, the town hall has invested in half a dozen chip readers to locate unregistered animals.

Residents will be fined 750 euros for unregisted pets, as well as up to 3,000 euros for failing to clear up dog mess.

In the first successful use of the machines, a British expat was located after his dog was rounded up after defecating in La Cala.

Councillor Mario Bravo said the scheme is aimed to stop dogs running loose and fouling the streets, but the microchipping also extends to cats and ferrets.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. What about dogs with no chips? When on holiday in Spain we see many stray dogs, usually starving and begging round tables on the street.Apart from chasing them, nothing else is done.Could it be that there’s no money to be made from unchipped animals ?

  2. Good article, but I never really noticed that this was a problem in Mijas. We have a vacation rental in La Cala de Mijas, and our renters love to go up to Mijas Pueblo. Such a wonderful town!

  3. ….. if you feed chips to dog’s, cat’s, ferret’s and >>>> but, of course donkeys you can trace their mess …..

    Sophie Johansson has a vacation rental in La Cala de Mijas

  4. OK so why loosen the dogs laws on the beach, instead of tightening them up. Lets faeceit dog owners are breeds unto themselves. I get sick and tired of dogs tearing around the beach, 52 weeks a year, fouling, molesting and frightening children and adults alike. Do we have to wait until someone is seriously bitten before the action is taken. As it is the signs are completely ignored and unenforced. If you have dog keep it at home, it is your toy not mine! If I wanted one I would have one but not expect to force it on others. If you must have dog that needs exercising then exercising it in the dog zone by the river bank in Fuengirola and then you can step in all the muck your dogs create
    I can think of several places on the La Cala coast where the same owners allow their animals defecate deliberately day after day.
    Come on, Town Hall, enforce penalties not soften the law. Where did that initiative come from. I have never heard of another place that is actually making it easier for these unselfish owners. Naturally I await flak

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