THE youth who murdered a 13-year-old Arriate girl has been sentenced to eight years in prison plus five years on parole.

The sentence, handed down at at Malaga’s Juvenile Court, is the maximum possible for a minor.

Seventeen-year-old Ruben V.R. was also ordered to pay the family of Maria Esther Jimenez Villegas the sum of 222,000 euros.

Maria Esther’s body was found in a swimming pool pump house in Arriate near Ronda on January 20 this year.

She had been murdered with a rock the size of a small melon.

The trial heard 40 witnesses but the most incriminating evidence was the presence of Ruben V.R.’s DNA on the rock.


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  1. For god’s sake, the ”boy” was 17 years old, old enough to be tried as an adult, Sources close to the investigation have revealed it was a violent death with the face of the teenager barely recognizable, thrown into a pool, with a plastic bag over her head? This was an awful,brutal,vicious death. Anyone who could do such a thing should not be out around humans. He should be sentenced to death, much less just 8 years.

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