THE King of Spain has been spotted with a black eye after he walked into a door.

The 73-year-old was pictured with a shiner and a plaster on his nose, which were not deemed serious enough to alter his official schedule.

The King himself commented: “This is what happens when one slams into a door.”

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  1. Like any football score: Door 1….. King 0.
    This is news?
    I’ve got a husband of my second Aunt who stubbed his toe while walking to the toilet with house lights OFF at 3 AM. There may be an full investigation in the UK to determine who or what put the obstacle in his way, causing his injury.
    No, he’s NOT a Lord, MP or CEO of a Bank bailed out by UK Taxpayers. Investiagtion will last 4 months, any Trial about 8 months.. costing UK Taxpayers about 2 M quid, FAR more than my relative’s … WHOLE BODY is worth.
    Noteworthy – in the UK, they DO queuy & investigate 100%

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