A BRITISH pensioner is calling for justice after he was brutally beaten up in his own home by his next door neighbour.

Peter Davies, who is recovering from cancer, was left with severe bruising after Juan Diaz Moreno attacked and threatened to kill him over a dispute over planning permission.

Despite being found guilty of assault, he was let off with just a fine and continues to live next door.

“We were told it was officially a misdemeanour and not a crime,” said Davies, who lives in Torrox Costa with his wife Jane, 57.

“But how can it not be a crime to go into someone’s house, beat them up, threaten to kill them and say to their wife you will cut her throat? It is unbelievable,” added the retired engineer.

The 64-year-old, who was unable to retaliate having just had an operation, was kicked to the ground and stamped on in the attack.

When his wife stepped in to help, the crazed neighbour, who is in his 40s, ‘threatened to cut her throat’.

The incident stems from a complaint the couple made at the town hall after their neighbour started building onto their walls in the garden.

Moreno was found guilty of assault and ordered to pay Davies damages of just 370 euros.

“But that doesn’t even cover the medical bills,” said Davies, originally from Devon, who said due to a paperwork error the Judge did not consider the death threats.

Davies went through the courts a second time last month over the threats only to see Moreno fined just 50 euros.

“The court case was a complete shambles,” said Davies. “When we complained to our solicitor afterwards we were told the Judge didn’t have time and may have been inexperienced.

“This is an insult to us and the Spanish legal system.

“We worked hard all our lives to live the dream and now we are here with no one to help.

“We are still living next door to this lunatic and clearly living in fear.”


  1. “this is an insult to us and the Spanish legal system” – wrong, this is a perfect example of how this corrupt system works – I know from personal experience.

    Sorry for the cowardly attack on you Peter Davies but you need to bin those rose tinted specs and do something to protect yourself as this thug has been given the greenlight to attack you again.

    If it makes you feel any better decent Spanish people also have their own horror stories to tell.

    I have a very gentle Spanish friend whose cave house was squatted some years ago by a German woman and her smackhead son. he hired a lawyer to get them evicted but the whole saga just ran and ran and then he found out that the lawyer was taking backhanders from the Germans – what a surprise!

    I happened to have a run-in with the son sometime after and had to ‘tell him his fortune’. He became aggressive and it was nec. to give him a ‘bit of a slapping’ and promised that next time he would be turned into dogmeat – never had any problem with him or his ugly mother again.

  2. Violence should always be condemned and the attackers should receive much harsher sentences than they do. I recently read about an unprovoked violent attack on some British guys outside the post office in Ronda, yet the culprit continues to live and run his business in the area with no opposition. That can’t be right can it? Throw ’em in jail and throw away the key, that’s the only way to beat the thugs!

  3. Getting justice in Spain can be a problem, especially when you’re a Brit and the perpetrator is Spanish

    We were advised to hire some local gypsies to pay our (Spanish) neighbours a visit after a dispute where they physically threatened us after we’d reported them to the town hall for building onto our (detached) house!!

    After months of apathy from the authorities (and of us trying to reason with the nutters) a visit from the gitanos did the trick and the wall was taken down and the site cleared away!

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