THINKING of trying to lose a few pounds after Christmas?

Well, you’d better think twice about going on the Dukan Diet, followed by actresses Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz.

Experts say the diet, which starts with ten days of pure protein, has ‘absolutely no solid science behind it’.

While French nutritionist Pierre Dukan claims it is safe and effective, the British Dietic Association insists the diet causes loss of energy, constipation and bad breath – as well as potentially leading to problems like osteoporosis and kidney damage.

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  1. The Dukan diet is none of the negative comments above. I have tried all diets in recent years – and always without success. BUT – The Dukan Diet has worked for me -It is brilliant.

    I have no problem with any part of it. And it is not quite right to regard it as a diet, which suggest a quick fix, it is an eating plan for life.
    My weight came off and has stayed off. A first in any diet I have tried.

    I totally recommend the Dukan diet.

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