A BRITISH couple who recently took over La Tartana hotel in La Herradura are taking part in Channel 4’s popular Four in a Bed series.

Jed and Amanda Filmer, who have completely refurbished the hotel, last week welcomed a trio of B&B owners from around Spain for the first day of filming.

The couple are now undertaking return inspections at the other three hotels.

“It went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy it,” said a member of staff. “It should make good television.”

The couple, who took over the highly-rated hotel last year, are inspecting hotels in Benidorm and Murcia.

“We might even have to visit one in Madrid,” said Amanda. “This programme is going to turn our lives upside down, but we’re very excited.”


  1. I totally agree!!! I copped it on the first night. What a sight and what a sorry excuse for a bloke. Not one of her arguements stood up, she/he was a complete pleb. If she had won, it might have started WW3, her own hotel was way below standard.

  2. Ha ha i agree with all the above! I too said to my daughter thats a bloke (or was)and i dont believe for one moment that the others were “SUPRISED” and dident notice. Her hotel was not in the same league as the other three and it was horrible.She made horrible comments about the others, but when they were being truthful about hers, she said they had a game plan yeah right!

  3. Spotted Julie was a George immediately , only to be confirmed by the name of the Hotel and the drag entertainment advertised on the front .Imagine getting out the shower on those mats . If she watches it she can see the floor was dirty , fluff on the teatray etc . The others weren’t making it up.

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