GIBRALTAR has long been a key location for spotting migrating birds.

The Strait of Gibraltar is the narrowest crossing point for birds migrating to Europe and Africa,  resulting in over 200 species of birds regularly being recorded flying overhead.

The vegetation on the Rock provides an inviting temporary home for these species of migratory birds that stop to feed before continuing on to their journey over desert and sea.

The main bird watching season runs from February to October, but those wanting to see the greatest variety of species should visit during mid-April to mid-June.

During this time, birds such as the Egyptian Vulture and storks are still migrating north and most of the summer visitors have arrived to breed.

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  1. Raptors – why they don’t come back from the North!
    Check ‘Wildlife Crime. The making of an investigations officer.’, by Dave Dick, RSPB’s Senior Scottish Investigation Officer between 1984 and 2006. ISBN 978-184995-036-7
    Anyone with an interest in migratory raptors should find it fascinating.
    I have to declare an interest – Dave is my brother. He’ll be pleased to come to talk to groups any time.

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