UP to a dozen demonstrators have spent a month sleeping outside La Linea town hall in demands over pay.

The group, who have been sleeping in tents, see their numbers swelling to 50 during the day.

The protest set up after 840 workers remained unpaid for eight months.

“I am owed 15,000 euros but thankfully my parents are helping me out,” UGT spokesperson Pili Delgado told the Olive Press.

“Other workers have families, children and mortgages to think about, and some have had their electricity and water cut off because they can’t pay their bills.”

She continued: “The town hall has now said they’ll pay us two months’ wages, but it just isn’t enough and we plan to stay.”

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  1. “he can no longer feed his family” after eight months without pay. There is something typically spanish here. Most people could not feed their family if they did not get their monthly pay from the first month onwards. And only about 50 workers protesting out of 840 who say they have not been paid for 8 months. They must be getting money from some other part of the spanish system or are they all of independent means……?

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