By Wendy Williams

TOP flamenco dancer Joaquin Cortes could face 10 years in prison over fraud allegations.

The Spaniard, who once dated British supermodel Naomi Campbell, is accused of taking €700,000 from three investors in 1998.

Alongside his sister and former agent, he is accused of taking the money to launch a Madrid flamenco centre that never opened.

The prosecution, representing Argentine investors G.Export S.A, is calling for a 10 year custodial sentence for the dancer.

His sister Mariana is facing eight years and his agent 11 years.

But the public prosecutors office has now called for their acquittal.

“It is so surreal it seems like a film,” said Cortes who maintains he had ‘nothing to do’ with the society created to launch the centre.

He reiterated his innocence after the commital hearing in Madrid on Thursday.

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