CHANGES in traffic law will see parents fined if they do not strap their children in properly before taking the wheel.

Under the new legislation, drivers with unbelted offspring will be fined €200 and lose three points off their licence.

Under 14s will not be allowed to use public transport without wearing a seat belt.

The changes come after a recent study which found that of the 79 children who died on Spain’s roads in 2010, 18 per cent had been using their seatbelt incorrectly and 46 per cent had not been wearing one at all.

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  1. A nice “philosophical” Law – but WHO will enforce it? Right now the local Police do NOT fine drivers for talking on their Movile phones while driving, do NOT fine drivers for making turns without using directional signal, do NOT fine drivers for speeding on Urban roads, do NOT… etc.
    BUT, they WILL check on Baby seat belts?
    yup…. sure.

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