A SET of stunning linocuts by Picasso can now be seen at a travelling exhibition currently visiting Velez Malaga.

Picasso’s Posters features 55 previously unseen works by the Malaga-born artist, which are mostly promotional posters for art exhibitions.

Other topics covered are the National Peace Conference held in Issy, Paris, in May 1962 and adverts for upcoming bullfights on the French Riviera.

Posters are the least famous discipline of Picasso, who is best known for his drawing, painting and sculpture.

One technique on show is the linocut, where he used a V-shaped chisel to cut into linoleum – or ‘lino’ – enabling him to achieve fine detail.

Picasso’s Posters can be seen until June 30 at the San Francisco Convent and later at the Modern Art Centre in Genalguacil near Ronda, and Bezmiliana Castle in Rincon de la Victoria.

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