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Museums and statue of Pablo Picasso lead tourist enquiries in Spain’s Malaga

IN 2022, the tourist offices in Malaga attended almost 700,000 visitors, whose queries were monopolised by the cultural and museum offer of the capital. As...

Spain’s Antonio Banderas seeks to launch musical in English about Malaga-born artist Pablo Picasso

STAR of innumerable Hollywood movies, Antonio Banderas, has revealed that he is initiating negotiations with some Broadway companies about staging a musical in English...

The Picasso Museum in Spain’s Malaga closes 2022 with more than 640,000 visitors—close to record pre-pandemic numbers

THE Picasso Museum Málaga (MPM), the flagship of Malaga's cultural offering, has received a total of 641,216 visitors throughout 2022. The figure is just shy...

Spain’s Picasso Museum to organise children’s workshop over Christmas

The Museo Picasso Malaga (MPM), following tradition, will organise its annual Christmas workshop for children. This year, the workshop will have a focus on light...

Why photos of Malaga city in Spain are being displayed across London

Millions of tourists who ride London's popular visitor buses will get a little sneak peak of Malaga. Images of Malaga will be on show...

FREE international seminar on Picasso to be held mid November in Spain’s Malaga

THE Picasso Museum Malaga together with the General Foundation of the University of Malaga (FGUMA) have come together to organise an international seminar on...

Fly art: Passenger caught smuggling original Picasso into Ibiza airport

SPANISH authorities have announced that they seized a stolen Picassso painting at Ibiza airport earlier this month. Airport workers discovered a sketch attributed to the...

Russian Museum in Spain’s Malaga reopens its doors with 350 works by Picasso

THREE and a half weeks after its closure, Malaga’s Russian Museum has reopened its doors in the Tabacalera building. The Tabacalera building, which also houses...

Warhol picture of Marilyn Monroe takes ‘most expensive’ title from Spain’s Pablo Picasso

PABLO Picasso has lost his place as creator of the 20th-century’s most expensive work of art. Andy Warhol’s iconic picture of Marilyn Monroe has just...

Spain’s Malaga, Murcia and Cadiz all featured in Europe’s best free art gallery list

SPAIN is home to three of Europe's most highly rated free art galleries, a new survey has found. The findings, published by Online learning centre...

Guernica: Spain’s government refuses to let Picasso’s Civil War masterpiece be displayed in the Basque Country’s Guggenheim Museum

A BID to put Picasso’s masterpiece Guernica on display in the Basque country has been rebuffed. The picture, depicting the 1937 bombing of the Basque...

Stepping inside Picasso’s childhood home in Malaga on Spain’s Costa del Sol

THE OLD cliché is that people go to Malaga - only just to leave just as quickly as their plane lands.  But those in the...

Five of the most important contemporary Spanish artists

Everyone has heard of Picasso, Dali, Goya and Velazquez. Their paintings are among the most celebrated in the world of art, fetching millions at...

Billionaire who smuggled Picasso painting out of Spain avoids prison because of ‘serious incurable disease’

ONE of Spain's richest men will not go to prison for smuggling a Picasso painting out of the country because he's dying. Ex-Santander Bank vice-president,...

Picasso branded ‘woman abuser’ in protest at Barcelona museum dedicated to Spain’s most famous artist

By Nickacia Forrester The Picasso Museum in Barcelona was the scene of a protest when a group of art students took “silent action” to expose...

PICASSO: Spain’s most famous artist was a rogue when it came to love

As the Picasso Museum unveils a new photo exhibition into the life of the artist, Eloise Horsfield takes a look at the colourful man behind the masterpieces and the many tragic, unfortunate women in his life

A 1.2 million Picasso on sale at the first Mayoral gallery exhibition in Spain’s Madrid

THE first exposition from the Mayoral gallery in Madrid, ‘Zóbel and great postwar artists’, inaugurated this Thursday, March 11. The display runs until March 21...

Self-proclaimed young anarchist from Spain’s Murcia region gets jailed for Picasso attack in London

A 20-YEAR-OLD student from the Murcia region was jailed for 18 months after he vandalised a Picasso painting at London's Tate Modern gallery. San Javier-based...

Italian woman wins Picasso painting worth €1 million from €100 raffle ticket

AN Italian woman has won a Picasso painting that’s worth €1 million in a raffle.

Legendary Spanish artist Pablo Picasso’s work going on sale in London for as little as €6,300

PICASSO’S works have gone on sale for as low as €6,300.

Billionaire who smuggled priceless Picasso out of Spain on yacht has prison sentence doubled to three years and fine...

Prosecutors on the case accused Botin of ordering the captain of his yacht to ‘hide it from authorities’ as it left the port of Valencia

TOTAL BANKER: Billionaire handed €52.4 million fine after botched attempt at smuggling priceless Picasso painting out of Spain...

Picasso completed Head of a Young Woman in his pre-Cubist phase, with the painting snapped up by Botin in London in 1977

British man arrested after ‘ripping’ €23.5 million Picasso painting depicting Spanish artist’s lover Dora Maar

Malaga-born Pablo Picasso created the piece, which portrays his lover Dora Maar in Nazi-occupied Paris

Picasso Museum to remain open on All Saints Day, in Spain’s Andaluica

Visitors who come will find a collection with more than a hundred works by Picasso, marked in chronological order, in a presentation that reveals the unbelievable catalogue of the artist's work over time.

UN apologies after attributing Guernica bombing to Spain’s republican forces who were in fact victims of the massacre

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the error was a ‘horrendous mistake.’





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