THREE and a half weeks after its closure, Malaga’s Russian Museum has reopened its doors in the Tabacalera building.

The Tabacalera building, which also houses the Motor Museum and the Digital Content Hub, lost one of its biggest attractions at the start of this month due to the ongoing war; the Russian collection which had attracted 75,000 people since the museum opened seven years ago.

In a pledge to maintain the cultural space open, it now features 350 works by Pablo Picasso, on display in two exhibitions: ‘Incesante Picasso: Libertad y vida’ and ‘Picasso dibujante de palabras.’

All the graphic works, drawings, ceramics and illustrated books by the artist that are on display belong to Pablo Picasso Birthplace Museum (Museo Casa Natal de Picasso).

In fact, the current exhibition is the most extensive exhibition ever held in this Malaga museum, and includes work from the Maestro but also by other international artists, all of which have been treasured in the Pablo Picasso Birthplace Museum since its creation in the 1980s.

The exhibition, open to visitors and locals alike, will be on display until next October and showcases the depth and wealth of the city’s collection of paintings, photographs and engravings.

As for the future of the museum, Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Malaga, has assured that all exhibitions programmed will be of ‘quality content.’

In regards to the renaming or not the museum, Torre has indicated that for the moment that decision remains pending.

“A decision that depends on the duration of the war and the policy of sanctions that Europe and the Spanish government set in these matters,” he said.


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