FORMER US Presidential candidate Al Gore is to visit Gibraltar as part of the Rock’s efforts to become ‘a major environmental hub’.

Gore – who also served as Vice-President under Bill Clinton – will deliver a speech on economic strategy at a major environmental forum to be held on October 21.

Joining him will be Juan Verde, the international co-director of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, who will discuss how Obama’s renewable energy policies affect Europe.

Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth shocked audiences worldwide into taking the issue of global warming seriously.

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  1. Just shows you some fools will do anything to make a buck$. Facts proved him a poor VP under Clinton, vigorously voiced the factually wrong “Global Warming” myth (while living in his massive Georgia house with about $2000 in Utility bills per month/2 people!) and now goes to Gib to “expound”. The only thing that will “expound” will be the increase in Methane Gas while he’s there… “expounding”. I imagine if Gore and Koffi Annan ever “expounded” at the same forum… the Earth would explode from excessive Methane Gas.

  2. “Expounding” in Gibralter…. with it’s VERY limited population, cow/sheep herds and CO2 traffic/industrial missions – why doesn’t Al Gore “expound” in China… or India, or other countries with industrial/traffic pollutants or BIG sheep & cow herds… etc for their agreement to reduce pollutants?!
    Sheep and cows give GOOD Methane… more than a buses!
    Maybe the Speaker’s Fees were substantial.

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