26 Jul, 2012 @ 09:00
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Desperate Spanish mother-of-five offers to sell kidney


EXCLUSIVE by Rund Abdelfatah

A DESPERATE mother-of-five has approached the Olive Press for advice on how to sell her kidney to save her starving family.

At just 37 years old, Lidia Garcia Perez is prepared to undergo a life-threatening operation to remove her kidney and part of her liver and auction them off to the highest bidder.

“‘I’ve tried everything to support my family but nothing works,” she told the Olive Press.

“I can’t go on like this with my kids unable to find something to eat every night,” added Perez who has tried her hand at numerous jobs, including waitressing, cooking and housecleaning.

“I just hope there might be someone out there prepared to pay for my organs. And I am prepared to go to another country to have the operation, if needs be.”

Perez, who lives in Madrid with her boyfriend who is also unemployed and her five children, approached the paper after spotting our website online.

The family of seven is currently living on just €450 a month and Perez feels that only drastic measures will rescue them from intense poverty.

“I don’t have any other choice. It’s clearer than water for me that this is what I should do.”

Sadly, Perez is just one of the many people throughout Spain struggling to subsist amid the increasingly grave economic crisis.

And as the situation worsens, more people are resorting to desperate measures to make a profit and keep their loved ones alive.

While kidneys sell on the black market for around €100,000 it is currently illegal to sell your organs in any part of Europe, and most of the world.

Until recently, Turkey was the main European hub for organ trafficking – now it is believed to be Russia.

Iran is the only country in the world where organ sales are legal and where a kidney can cost as little as €6,000.


  1. Another tragedy. I wonder if her local MP will sell a kidney of his to save hers now that the good times are over. No, ridiculous idea, politicians get paid the same whatever state they leave the economy in so perhaps he’ll put his hand in his deep deep pockets. Equally unlikely.
    On another note I notice that where selling organs is legal the price is the lowest on earth. No profit for the criminal middle man I suppose. An odd parallel to the illegal drug trade.

  2. This is a sad tale, but unfortunately it is not going to be the last of it´s kind whilst we suffer under such a heavy economic cloud. There are stories of Mothers in Greece who are unable to look after their children and are asking people in the UK to adopt them.

  3. aussie sunshine,
    you need to remove your head from your rearend, then you would see that unemployment is’nt confined to Spain.The story is’nt silly but you are.

    5 children! is this woman a Catholic – that’s OK God will provide – oh wait a minute he is’nt – time to get the fat priest to have a word with his boss in Rome – after all the Catholic church is one of the richest organisations in the world.

  4. You are a shining beacon of compassion aussiesunshine!!

    This is not the first story of its kind that has appeared in the Spanish press and TV and it is not going to be the last one . 158,000 people, Spanish families have been evicted from their homes in Spain in the last three months, more already than there was in the whole of last year because they just cannot pay the morgage, the electricity the water, the food. They cannot find work anywhere!! There are 5 million unemployed in Spain, their dole is being cut back to 50 per cent after the first six months, and then by 70 percent for following 18 (to encourage them to find work) when there isnt any, the subsidy for for carers of the disabled has been stopped, old people have to pay for their own medicines, some teethering between being able to eat or buy the medicines , they are closing down hospitals, sacking doctors,nurses, cleaners. Teachers are finding themselves by the thousands out of work, parents are supposed to pay more for their children’s school books and education. The rights they have fought for so long to acquire are being whittled away whilst the rich get offered amnesties for declaring the amounts of their fortune they hold elsewhere in the world and at least pay 10% on them. Ministers get paid for two or three jobs, with extra cash for subsistance and travel which could feed a family of three for a whole month, while 8,000 miners are going to have their jobs taken away from them, pensioners will have their pensions frozen , VAT is goiong up by 21%….. for crying out loud. How are people supposed to feed, their children and themselves,how are they going to clothe them? How are they going to pay for their education? How do you expect people to subsist?

    What a silly story you say???

  5. Ms Perez DON’T do it. Go and sit at the doors of your parliament and tell them what you are considering, sit there with a begging bowl if need be, if your leader Mariano Rajoy isn’t too proud to go around Europe with a begging bowl you shouldn’t be. Rajoy has gone back on every thing he said before the election, find a leader who is prepared to put a stop to this madness.

  6. Oh my this is an awful way to live and we think we are in trouble in the uk but compared to some in the world we are ok.
    Then the british expats wonder why the Spanish people don’t like them, well when you have brits moving to Spain with hardly any money and worming there way into bars and restaurants and working then messing in things on the black market that is most probably illegal it’s no wonder. It’s the same old story isn’t it? we will cut there income and make them find work but when the government mess up big style and companies are closing right,left and centre and there isn’t any work to be got, not even a cleaning job tut tut tut…it is total madness.

  7. She approached the Olive Press to find the best way to sell her kidney?

    Turns out that in the infographic jars a kidney goes for $20,000 in India and $40,000 in China, but a whopping $120,000 in Israel.

    Now Lidia has her answer. She should sell her kidney in Israel.

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