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Merry Christmas to all our valued readers and advertisers

Thank you for continuing to read and advertise with us online and in print

Two men on trial for causing 2013 train disaster in Spain that killed 80 passengers

THE trial of two men who are accused of being responsible for the death of 80 people in the 2013 Santiago de Compostela train...


By David Baird WAKING up on the summit of El Lucero is a little like having a ringside seat at the birth of the world. As...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: That most precious of black golds right here in Spain’s Andalucia

The Olive Press sent David Baird to Riofrio for a lunch of fresh trout and... award winning, eco-friendly local caviar? We kid you not

FROM OUR ARCHIVES: Through the Moorway to Africa. A Trip from Spain to Morocco

Chances are, like many of the hundreds of thousands of northern Europeans who live in Andalucía, your idea of an adventure is a day trip to some perilously perched pueblo blanco or half an hour paragliding. Well, can I make a suggestion?

Oops, we did it again! How the Olive Press reported from the wildfire in hills above Spain’s Costa del...

GETTING close to the flames and talking to victims and firefighters. While other expat newspapers watched it from afar, translating stories from Spanish websites, the...

Protect your finances in Spain with the experts – Smart Currency

Ringfence your money from exchange rate risk with Smart Currency. WITH something as important as your life savings or proceeds of a property sale at...

Meet the team: Introducing Olive Press young reporters Jorge Hinojosa, Elena Goçmen and George Mathias

WITH an average age of 25, Elena Goçmen, Jorge Hinojosa, and George Mathias are the new blood of the Olive Press.  Elena joined the team...

MEET THE TEAM: From professional poker player to Olive Press webmaster, this is Kate Langshaw

OLIVE PRESS webmaster Kate Langshaw is thankfully used to the late nights of the media from her poker tournament days in Las Vegas. Most of...

Life in Spain and in the press leaves no regrets for Olive Press News Editor Dilip Kuner

OLIVE Press News Editor Dilip Kuner knew he’d ‘made it in journalism’ when he saw the flashing blue lights while trying to stand up...

Man threatens to jump off building site crane but gets talked down by police in Spain’s Murcia City

FIVE hours of intense negotiations helped to persuade a man to come down from a Murcia city crane on Thursday. The man, 45, was threatening...

Bars and restaurants demand COVID passports to avoid new restrictions in Murcia area of Spain

THE Murcia hospitality and tourism association, HoyTu, says COVID passports should be introduced 'in all public life' to stop new restrictions on bar, restaurant,...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Following in the footsteps of Federico Garcia Lorca through Granada’s Alpujarra

Carlos Pranger takes a step back in time to walk the hills of La Alpujarra with poet Federico Garcia Lorca and composer Manuel de Falla

WATCH Olive Press live on Sky: ‘It’s great to see the Brits coming back to Spain’

THE Olive Press reported live from a beach on the Costa del Sol with an appearance on UK television news on Wednesday morning. Editor Jon...

Drug smuggling family busted in joint operation between Columbia and Spain’s Mallorca

The investigation was initiated when police at Bogota's El Dorado airport discovered a package destined for Son Severa was concealing almost 5 kilos of cocaine.

Olive Press one of a handful of Spanish newspapers to win key journalism award from Google

THE Olive Press stands for strong, independent, investigative local journalism. And you don’t have to take our word for it – just ask Google. The internet...

TUI increases flights to Spain’s Balearic Islands this summer after surge in demand

Holiday reservations to the Balearics have increased considerably since the pilot tourism test was launched

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We are there for you! Olive Press team will work around the clock to deliver your favourite...

THE Olive Press will be distributing as normally as we can this week. Our five regional newspapers are going to print as they always do...

Olive Press overtakes respected UK papers Liverpool Echo and Daily Record in global rankings

By traffic numbers - around 40,000 to 50,000 visits a day - we are in 606th position in Britain and 910th in Spain

ON FIRE: Olive Press breaks one MILLION hits barrier for April

To celebrate this landmark achievement we have decided to offer an unprecedented deal

Netflix announces in-depth Maddie McCann documentary, featuring the Olive Press and ‘never before heard’ testimonies

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann will be available to stream on March 15

OLIVE PRESS APPEAL: Costa del Sol mum desperately needs medical funds to diagnose twins, 4, before they go blind

The extortionate medical costs are crippling the parents who had to sell their car to cover the last test, after doctors warned it could take over two years to diagnose the children on the public healthcare system





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