A BRITISH couple have become the victims of a ‘Microsoft’ phone scam.

Barry and Margo Wood, from Estepona, received a call from a man claiming to be able to solve their PC problems.

The man, who is thought to be of Indian origin, referred to himself as a ‘Microsoft technician’.

“He seemed pretty genuine, and coincidently I had been having problems with my computer that day,” Wood told the Olive Press.

The owner was then directed to his computer, and asked to open a program called ‘Windows Event Viewer’, which looks like a long list of errors.

Wood realised that something may be wrong when the caller told him that it would cost €90 to fix several problems, requiring his credit card details to do so.

Fortunately he hung up and, on the advice of a friend, unplugged his internet router.

The Olive Press warned in February that expats in Spain were being targetted by the scam.

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