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How to spend your money wisely in Sotogrande

sotogrande shopping

By Elizabeth Gould

AS you would probably expect from  a destination that attracts royalty, celebrity golfers and polo players there is a wide variety of exclusive speciality shops and boutiques in Sotogrande.

The only problem is you need the inside knowledge on how to find them.

Scattered around in a series of different locations – many in nearby Pueblo Nuevo – you have to explore by car.

That said, the port itself has a surprising number of trendy boutiques and there are several interesting markets including the popular Sunday market at Blue Sotogrande Marina.

One of the most exciting boutiques is Tiger Lily at Mar y Sol  centre which was opened last year by Gabriella Canepa.

Her aim is to provide quality classic clothing and a mix of vintage and modern designs with labels including Great Plains, Elizabeth Hurley and  Anami&Janine, as well as some lovely handbags from German brand Abro You.

Also at Mar y Sol is Golfino where you can buy elegant high quality golfing and casual clothes. And for refreshments the lovely Courtyard restaurant is great both in the day or evening.

In the port you must visit the beautiful shop Agua which sells clothes and items  for the home.

Everything in the shop is blue and white and made in pure cotton, linen and silk which is stitched by hand.

The business was started by Cristina Gaggero who buys the materials and designs the clothes which are then made by a foundation for women in India.  Some of the items in the shop are also made by mentally and physically disabled children.

The prices in the shop are reasonable and the profits are reinvested in the foundation.

In Blue Sotogrande shopping centre look out for Benjamin Friman a designer offering stunning clothes and handbags. And if you feel like having a coffee  and cake Jan Staels has an amazing selection at his French Patisserie next door.

Newly opened in Pueblo Nuevo next to Barclays is Soto-Cheval equestrian  boutique selling a wide range of equipment for horses and riders. They also offer a range of natural products for horses.

A little further away in San  Enrique is Cortijo Las Flores run by  Linda Cockerell.  Linda offers a personal one to one  interior design service and can also provide  single pieces of furniture and curtains.


  1. i click on Cadiz and there are no less than 4 articles about sotogrande.

    1) people who frequent sotogrande do not read OP
    2) most OP readers… well you should know.

    soto is boring.
    soto is expensive.
    soto is irrelevent to our lives.

  2. We love Sotogrande and send many visitors there BUT, i think the ORGANIZERS of the Sunday Market ought to be very aware they have NOT made adequate PARKING facilities available to those of us visiting the Market!!!! We visited Sunday August26th with family and friends,turned left at the barrier(rd running behind and parallel to the Market)Parked where there were 20+? also parked (off the rd, but on grass verge…NOT on the concrete pedestrian path).When we got back to the car, cars had 200EURO PARKING FINES!!!!!!We thought it was a scam!!! There are NO YELLOW LINES or SIGNS OF ANY KIND advising it is prohibited to park in that area!!!!!If you are going to organize a sunday market ,it should be done properly ,and liaise with Police for proper parking facilities!!!Absolutely disgraceful!!! The ORGANISZERS(??) ought to be held accountable for the fines, for failing in their duty as ORGANIZERS(??)!!!!!Security at the barrier knew nothing about this and had never heard of people having fines….what is going on ??

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