A ‘LUDICROUS’ detour to pick up medical supplies delayed the arrival of an easyJet flight to Spain by over two hours.

While the 19:25 from Gatwick to Malaga on September 1 set off on time things went askew after the pilot made an announcement that it was making an impromptu stop in Madrid.

“It was unbelievable,” said Tony Lee, a passenger en route to his home in Marbella.

“He said we had to collect two first aid boxes for another easyJet plane in Malaga that couldn’t take off without them.

“Then when we got to Madrid, there was a hold-up waiting for them and then further delays for refuelling and a wait for our take-off slot,” continued the businessman, who owns La Fishita restaurant in Nueva Andalucia.

“Everyone was really fed up. And we were only offered tap water until someone asked for other soft drinks.

“The worst thing was that when we finally arrived in Malaga at 1am, all the baggage handlers had gone home so we had to wait another half an hour. It was ludicrous.”

When Lee – who had taken his son back to the UK for a Chelsea game – asked why such a diversion was necessary, the hostess’ response surprised him.

“She told me there had obviously been an unusually high demand for items from the first aid boxes. Which begs the question, why isn’t there an industry standard for first aid equipment available at all airports?”

EasyJet failed to return any of the Olive Press’ calls or emails.

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  1. The airlines can’t win. They are criticised for cutting corners, they are criticised for following regulations. I remember paying about 250 pounds on average for a return trip ti the UK in the mid 1980s. You can now fly for less than 100, yet petrol prices are sky-high. Can’t have your cake and eat it.

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