MARBELLA will not receive state funding next year for the first time in its history, claim officials.

The town hall will miss out on financial assistance due to the unprecedented austerity measures imposed by central government, claims

Jose Bernal, spokesman for the Andalucia’s PSOE party.

He added that Malaga province will have its funding drastically reduced by 25%, with its annual budget being cut from €375 million to €289 million in 2013.

It follows the announcement of Spain’s latest budget, aimed at saving billions of euros in an effort to stave off the need for a bailout.

The opposition Socialist Party slammed the measures, saying they showed the government had ‘not learned from the mistakes’ of introducing cuts to a struggling economy.


  1. Oh No, what are all those uber-rich people, who have never paid any taxes to anyone, going to do??? Theres only so many officals you can bribe before you run out of officials. Hey i know, lets all buy 10,000 euro handbags.

    Maybe Marbella could start its own Russian Bride Dept. It seems the usual hobby for the locals…

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