A RARE unopened copy of Federico Garcia Lorca’s first book, Impresiones y paisajes (Impressions and Landscapes), is to be auctioned in London next month.

The first edition copy, published in 1918, will go on sale at Bonhams on November 13 and is estimated to fetch between €7,500 and €9,500.

The book of prose gives the Spaniard’s account of a trip through Castile, Leon and Galicia between 1916 and 1917.

The last sale of a first edition copy of the book was in 1975 and just four copies are held in institutions.

Disappointed at poor sales, the young poet burned as many copies as he could, making this auction a true rarity for literature fans.

“Book sales are incredibly sensitive to condition, this copy is in perfect condition and a great example of its period in its design and layout,” said James Roberts from Bonhams.

Lorca is considered one of Spain’s most influential writers and was killed by Nationalist troops in 1936 for voicing his liberal beliefs.

The poet’s remains have never been discovered but it is widely believed he may be buried in the Penon Colorado area of Granada.

Earlier this month a Granada judge denied a request to excavate the possible grave because ‘the crime is past its statute of limitations’.


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