IT is every parents worst nightmare – the thought of their child being snatched from the street by a stranger.

But aside from keeping them permanently house-bound, it is impossible to ensure our children are completely safe 24 hours a day.

It is for this reason that we rely on the authorities to play their part by maximising efforts to reduce the risk posed by dangerous paedophiles.

But as the Robert Bill case shows, something is clearly not working if a predatory sex offender is allowed to start a new life in Spain just two year’s after being imprisoned for trying to abduct a five-year-old girl in Wales.

There is currently no sex offenders register in Spain, despite the NSPCC suggesting that the failure of European countries to share criminal records was putting children at risk.

Surely now is the time to take decisive action to ensure a coordinated effort is made to control and monitor the movement of convicted paedophiles throughout Europe.



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