25 Jan, 2013 @ 14:00
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More UK flights from Ryanair

Ryanair is set to run flights from Jerez to Edinburgh, Dublin, Brussels and Bremen starting from March.

James Bryce

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  1. This was announced ages ago by the half-wit who presides over the Cadiz Diputacion before anything had been agreed – probably thinking that the a press announcement would somehow railroad Ryanair into a deal. He was wrong and had to retract. What an idiot! Spanish politicians are in a class of their own…


  2. At last, flights from Scotland into Jerez. An hour down to Chiclana and an hour up to Olvera I may never need to drive to Manchester or Liverpool every again. Would love to know when Ryanair plan to start flying this route.

  3. Monarch tried this a couple or so years ago from Manchester to Jerez (Xerez). But they put on four flights a week each way. Overkill, it flopped the same year and left many disappointed people who had been given a (cheap) glimpse of that wonderful part of Spain. Hope you lovely Scots enjoy it, doubt if Ryanair will be daft enough to over-estimate demand.

  4. Stefanjo we have been travelling to Chiclana for years now, I also spend four weeks a year in Olvera where I have some lovely friends. Over the years we have flown Manchester to Gib, Liverpool to Gib and Liverpool to Sevilla. I generally use Málaga when I am going to Olvera. Unfortunately I have already booked my October tickets for my fortnight in Olvera and this, of course, is via Málaga but to get what I wanted I have had to opt for Jet2 out of Edinburgh as this gets me into Málaga at lunchtime and Ryanair on the way home as this gives me all day to meander my way to the airport. How nice it will be to drive an hour from home to EDI and an hour from Xerez to either Chiclana or Olvera in future. I really hope the route survives because the trip from home to Manchester or Liverpool makes it quite a journey.

  5. Lindsay, read my first comment. This is not going to happen. Ryanair are not planning any new routes to Jerez for the time being. It’s just a load of hot air which came out of a Spanish politician’s gob. The President of the Diputacion de Cadiz, Jose Loaiza. No doubt he’ll be getting a promotion soon…

  6. Now that will be a great disappointment, unfortunately your link didn’t work. I will plough my way through El Diario de Cádiz later. Edinburgh Airport announced on Friday of last week (25th) that it will employ a 15 million pound fund to attract other routes to the airport so not all is lost. I live in hope of never having to drive to Liverpool or Manchester again.

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