A STUDY of more than 100 Spanish men has revealed that drinking alcohol can have a lasting impact on their performance in the bedroom.

Even after giving up, men’s performance can be compromised according to the study by leading academics from the University of Granada, in Spain.

They found that men can suffer “brewer’s droop” for more than a year after giving up heavy drinking.

Writing in the journal of Sexual Medicine, they said: “It does not seem to be just a temporary problem, because erectile ability was still affected after a year and according to the results, did not seem likely to improve just with abstinence.”

The researchers also found that heavy drinkers tended to enjoy sex less than those who only drank moderately.

The heavier drinkers also had a much lower sex drive.

Researchers said: “Alcohol users were found to have lower pleasure scores. To the best of our knowledge no previous studies have related alcohol consumption with impaired sexual pleasure.”



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