By Rebecca Maguire

A POPULAR donkey sanctuary is being forced to move due to strict new regulations.

Organisers now fear for its future after being told that the centre – which is Nerja’s top tourist attraction according to Trip Advisor – is too near the town, at just 150 metros away.

Under new rules any equine rescue centre must be at least 500 metros from a town.

Sanctuary organisers are now being forced to look for suitable land, but as president Harriet Horne explains it’s expected to be a long process and has come at a difficult time.

“Visitor numbers are usually lower at this time of year and with the cost of feed and IVA increasing, things are difficult, “ she told the Olive Press. “ So it is not the best time.”

She added that only once a new site had been approved by the town hall, could the animals can move in.

“But we’re hoping once the move is complete we’ll finally be able to co-exist in co-operation with the town hall.”

The centre, which is open all year and free to the public, relies entirely on donations.

Organisers now hope to raise necessary funds via a new website www.

Various fundraising nights have been organized starting this month with a quiz night at The Boathouse Bar, in Nerja on March 6.

For more information on the sanctuary contact Judith Buchanan on or telephone 618467575.

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  1. I don’t know what is going on any more, governments all over Europe seem to be set on a course of making life as hard as possible for people, is this Donkey sanctuary 150 metres from the town boundary or the Ayuntimento. The more I hear of humans the more I love animals.

  2. @Fred
    Rajoy doesn’t want ordinary tourists he is more interested in inviting the Russian Mafia in, mind you he might not get as many as he wants with his worldwide wealth tax. Mmm just thought better be careful with my comments or he might shut the Olive Press down, you can gather I’m not happy with what is happening in Spain under Rajoy.

  3. Can this be correct? Are there really no other animals, pigs, chickens, goats etc., being kept within 150 metres of the centre of Nerja? There is always more to these stories than meets the eye. Could it be that somebody wants the land now occupied by the donkey sanctuary or that money has not been transferred into the right hands?

  4. Thanks for your support guys, the law doesn’t say no to animals, it just says no to licenses for more than 5 animals. This is a junta de andalucia rule. But hey will just keep doing what. We do as best we can

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