THREE men accused of raping a British woman will be judged this week.

The rape allegedly occurred in Benalmadena in October 2001. The case will be heard in by the Malaga court.

According to the prosecutor, the 32-year-old woman was on holiday with her boyfriend on the Costa del Sol at the time of the incident.

She met three men at a disco in Puerto Marina.

They offered to drive her home, but took her instead to a deserted area where they are said to have sexually assaulted her.

Though the police were notified immediately, the three men were not arrested until 2010.

Twelve years after the alleged rape, they face a total of 88 years in prison.

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  1. If these men are going to be sentenced this week, I am assuming that there has been a full trial and these men have been found guilty. I say ‘assume’ because the article does not actually say. If they are guilty, it does not matter if the attack happened 12 years ago or 12 minutes ago. Thank god they are off the streets.

  2. The only time crimes like this go for so long with no action is when there is a lack of evidence, or there is no match to DNA. In 12 years, the three men could have in theory assaulted 1872 people between them or together, and it only takes a second person to go to the police and be thoroughly checked out for a match to 1, 2 or all three of them to be made.

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