SUNDAY shopping could be introduced to Malaga in an effort to boost tourist revenue.

Around half of the 66 Sundays and festival days when shops in the city are closed each year coincide with cruise ship arrival times.

This is costing businesses thousands of euros in lost revenue from the estimated 90,000 holidaymakers who arrive on these days throughout the year.

Businesses who sign up to the government-backed scheme will benefit from free advertising and will be featured in brochures to be handed out to tourists.

There will also be an iPhone and Android app.

So far 25 businesses have given their support to the initiative, which will see them open between 9.30am and 2.30pm on the designated days.


  1. I was lead to believe that Malaga had lost a high number of cruise ships docking there due a high raise in docking tax. I am not sure how true that is but it was came up in conversation the other day, anyone throw any light on this rummour?

  2. The best part of Muelle Uno are the parks and childrens play areas. There are far too many restaurants all stacked up next to each other and the shops are ludicrously overpriced. One restaurant was charging 26 euros for a Paella I recall lol.

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