A COUPLE was arrested in Malaga last week for trying to smuggle a 13-year-old girl into Spain inside a suitcase.

The Moroccan man and Spanish woman were stopped by police officials while entering the country from Melilla with a large, unusually heavy suitcase in their car.

Upon opening the suitcase, the officers found the girl, distressed and disoriented.

She is not a family member of either the man or the woman.

She was reportedly treated by Red Cross officials at the port before being admitted to a hospital.


  1. Poor thing

    I blame the moroccans who live in France and Spain for all of this. They come over to Europe with the hope of “making it”. They clearly don’t, however are too proud to go home and admit (even to themselves) that things are tough for them in Europe. So they go back loaded with riches, and the locals think that indeed they HAVE made it.

    Aside from the sadness of it, what this does is continue the myth that the lands of Europe are paved with gold. So the desperate just keep coming.

    A really sad tale…

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