DESPITE mounting pressure from opposition leaders, Mariano Rajoy refuses to step down from power.

In the days following his strong denial of any and all involvement in the notorious Barcenas before parliament, criticism of the Spanish Prime Minister has only increased.

Last Thursday while speaking to Parliament, Rajoy finally gave up on defending the disgraced former PP treasurer, calling him a ‘delinquent.’

He maintains that the only crime he committed himself was “trusting someone who we now know did not deserve that.”

Alferdo Perez Rubalcaba, leader of the PSOE, responded by saying it would’ve been impossible for Rajoy not to know he was sheltering Barcenas, and reminding everyone that the Prime Minister had been coerced into speaking, and had not come forward of his own volition.

According to a survey published by El Mundo, 83% of Spaniards believe allegations linking Rajoy to the illegal slush funds uncovered earlier this year.

Rajoy is counting on support from his party to get him through the scandal with his career intact.


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