29 Nov, 2013 @ 06:30
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Gibraltarians plan protest at London’s Spanish embassy


DOZENS of Gibraltarians are to blockade the Spanish embassy in London this weekend.

Supporters of the Rock and local UK politicians will also join the protest against the current border problems and a series of wider issues.

The demonstration, organised by the Defenders of Gibraltar with its sister group Gibraltarians Worldwide, is a response to what the groups see as Spain’s oppressive attitude to Gibraltar.

They claim the British Overseas Territory has to endure extreme levels of harassment, intimidation and oppression by Spanish state machinery.

And they accuse the Spanish government of using state media to pursue an anti-Gibraltarian hate campaign, portraying Gibraltar as an outdated colony, a tax haven and a smugglers’ nest.

Annie-Marie-Struggles, one of the organisers of the protest, told the Olive Press, “This is the first step of many that we will be taking to embarrass the Spanish government.

“We will be handing in a letter and a portfolio of the harassment and inhumane actions to the embassy. What is happening in Gibraltar would not be tolerated anywhere else. We are not being allowed to grow as a nation”.

Gareth Gingell added “We will also be doing the same at the European Parliament as part of our longer term strategy.

“We aim to get the world to look at Spain and remember how it treats Gibraltar.”

Lord Dartmoor is expected to attend and Paul Nuttall MEP, deputy leader of UKIP, told the Olive Press “The Defenders of Gibraltar have been doing sterling work for a long time now, highlighting the abuses of the Spanish authorities.

“The demonstration is both necessary to bring home the point and timely given the way that the Spanish authorities continue to harass the people of Gibraltar”.

Claire Wilson

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  1. Good for them.
    Did you see last week in England, the government refused to deal with all the begging romanians sleeping on englands streets – they said it was un-european to restrict movement of people !!!!!!!!!!
    F-in Hypocrits. They wont take any action against Spains illegal restrictions at the Gib border.

  2. The colony of Gibraltar was settled by force more than three hundred years ago. After the invasion the local population was expelled and a new population imported from different parts of the British Empire. Eleven year after that happened, a treaty was signed by a foreign power representing Spain in which Gibraltar was ceded to Britain in perpetuity. The treaty also clearly established that should Britain no longer be interested in the colony, the territory should be offered to Spain.

    Basic facts:

    1) Based on how Gibraltar was settled as a colony, the current local population cannot have the right to self determination. The UN agrees with this principle.
    2) Spain’s position on Gibraltar has not changed in 300 Years. Spain recognizes and accepts the treaty that was signed by others representing Spain by which the illegal occupation of Gibraltar for 11 years became legal.
    3) Spain has never recognized what is called BGTW or the right to self determination of the current local population. This is not a thing of the PP Government, it is the one and only Spanish position on the issue. There was an agreement to disagree between the UK and Spain based on Spain being happy with the presence of the Spain fishermen around the rock of Gibraltar as a away of defecto not recognizing BGTW. By expelling the fishermen based on local Gibraltar legislation ( not EU legislation) , Spain has been forced to take a stand to maintain its dispute on the waters. All incursions are on purpose, if Spain did nothing, it would be defecto recognizing BGTW, which it doesn’t.
    4) The area between the rock of Gibraltar and the current border was not meant to be ocuppied by either side, however, it was ocuppied by British forces little by little from the mid 19th century. This area became defecto part of Gibraltar because Spain did nothing about it. The concrete blocks dropped by the Government of Gibraltar are in waters in this area. The current airfield is not inside Gibraltar and for that reason, its use is also disputed.
    5) The border checks carried out by Spain are absolutely legal. What many people fail to understand is that most people who enter Gibraltar, go there with purpose of purchasing tabacco and alcohol above the legal limits and then crossing back into Spain. Because Spain has for, whatever reason, turned a blind eye on the issue, it would appear unbelievable that the EU ruling could be in favor of Spain, however all Spain has done is inforce proper checks at a smuggling hot spot.
    6) The current local population of Gibraltar is strongly related to Spain, most Gibraltarians have Spanish relatives with many tracing back their ties with Spain to parents or grandparents. There are many member of the current Government of Gibraltar who have at least one Spanish parent, this is also the case in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.

    Based on all of the above, my view is that the interests of 65 Million British citizens and around 43 Million Spanish citizens, has to come first, before that of 30000 citizens of Gibraltar whose interests are important, but never more important that that of sovereign nations like the UK and Spain.

  3. Oh great. Paul Nuttall of UKIP is supporting the rights of Gibraltar by trying to drag the U.K. (and Gib) out of the E.U. How does that work then? Granted, nothing is being done by the E.U. or the British Government to stop the nonsense. But, what, actually on the ground, could be done? Troops? Gunboats?
    Billy Hague flapping his gums? Fact is, Spain will do what the hell it wants. From bulldozing houses to nicking people for nothing. From plundering E.U. funds to driving people crazy at the Gib border. Face it, nothing can or will be done in the face of Spanish intransigence and chutzpah.

  4. Ciudadanos: as usual you and your countrymen conveniently forget that Gibraltar was ceded in a treaty then in later years after much trouble or should I say the Spanish going back on their word, it was subsequently exchanged in another deal. Exchanged for Minorca and Florida, pretty good deal I reckon.Yet again the Spaniards do not honour an agreement. Nothing new there.
    The area of the airport was used in times of old as a horse racing track by residents of Gibraltar, this was land that was won after many sieges. Then in WWII it was used by the allies to defeat the Germans so that you and me have the right of free speech and do not have to speak German. This was a war that my family actually took part in whilst the Spaniards sat conveniently on the fence as usual. I think you will find that the no mans land as you put it has been used by both sides, half rash so to say. Gib has an airport Spain built flats and a park and a football stadium.
    The boarder checks you speak of tend to effect more Spaniards than locals and I really feel for them. If this is truly sanctioned by the EU then it just shows what a farce the EU is and I’d rather be out of it even if it meant living again with a closed frontier. It is true that a lot of people he have distant relatives in Spain, mostly because people fled to Gib during the Spanish Civil War to avoid execution by the Guardia Civil who used to drag people out of their homes in the middle of the night and shoot them. Something which today is not investigated despite the UN calling for such investigations. In a way Spain are really lucky that the people in the UK don’t know the half of it. All the money that has extracted from the EU and wasted on unnecessary projects, fictitious farms claiming EU subsidies, it goes on and on. Then there’s the human rights bit where war crimes go un investigated because of an amnesty, they even threatened and removed a judge from office because he started to investigate mass graves! come on this is 2013. How Spain can have the hard face to demand back Gib, yet have colonies of their own in North Africa this is a joke. They even deny that they are colonies saying that they are part of Spain and even part of the EU, though in Africa. What about the Canary Islands, are these not colonies as well?
    It appears that we in Gib have the right to vote in the UK’s EU referendum, well sir, I know how I will be voting even if it means a closed frontier, it’s as good as shut for me now. I no longer feel welcome or safe there and I dare not leave my car un attended for fear of it being vandalised, something which does not happen in Gib to Spanish cars may I add.

  5. Dear Ciudadanos,
    Can you explain to me the logic of your argument? In your opening paragraph you state that Gibraltar was settled by people imported from all around the Empire. That is why they don’t have human rights (the right to self-determination) according to Spain.Yet in point 6 you say that the Gibraltarians are strongly related to Spain and many have Spanish relatives. Are these the same ancestors the UK brought over from the UK and the Empire in order to wipe out the Spanish population of Gibraltar?

    You are right that many Gibraltarians have Spanish relatives but that doesn’t fit into your narrative of British oppression. If the British hated the Spanish so much how do you explain the presence of so many Gibraltarians with Spanish ancestry?

  6. Well said Andy and Expat. ‘Ciudadanos’ is showing his ignorance and intransigence. But should we really expect better? I think the vast majority are brainwashed and can’t bear others to have truth and right on their side. They’ve always been bad losers with no sense of fair play.

  7. Andy: The Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are not colonies, they are regions of Spain. Apart from the historical fact that they were settled peacefully 500 Years ago without invasion or aggression, let me explain the difference with a practical example.

    I Spanish citizen has exactly the same rights in the Canary islands, Ceuta and Melilla as they have in any other part of Spain. You could just fly there and claim residency and state that you are unemployed and want to claim unemployment benefits. You would be entitled to exactly the same as in any other part of Spain.

    A British citizen arriving in Gibraltar has no immediate right of abode. You can’t just arrive from Manchester and state that you want to live in Gibraltar, that you are unemployed, that you want a council house and that you want the Government of Gibraltar to pay for the University educacion of your 18 year old back in the UK. The answer would be: “Sorry! nice try, but that is only for Gibraltarians ” . The reason why this is the case, is because Gibraltar is an overseas territory of the UK ( British colony) , which is not the same as being part of the UK where all citizens have the same rights, obligations and benefits. Basically, a Gibraltarian has all the rights of a British citizen but a British citizen does not have all the rights of a Gibraltarian.

    Towards the end of the a British Empire and probably to counter the the amazing loss of colonies in a very short period of time, the UK Government went overboard to try and stop more territories and colonies wanting to become independent. They did this by granting their last remaining colonies a series priviledges and benefits that citizens don’t have back in the UK.

  8. Expat:

    You are misguided if you think Gibraltar was not taken by force and the local population expelled, this is a historical fact, it is not open to argument. After the local population was expelled, the Royal Navy shipped in people from other British colonies to support the Royal Navy Garrison. At that point in time, nobody on the rock of Gibraltar had anything to do with Spain.
    It has been during the twentieth century right up to the present that mix marriages have changed the face of Gibraltar.
    The point I was trying to make is that most Gibraltarians today, in essence, whether they like it or not, are half Spanish.

    With respect to British oppression, what are you taking about? Just because there is an open dispute on Gibraltar does not mean that the UK and Spain cannot be close allies. David Cameron and Mariano Rajoy have the issues of Scotland and Cataluña to deal with as well as very strong financial ties. The relationship between the UK and Spain is much more important than the disagreement over Gibraltar.

  9. Ciudadanos: any UK citizen arriving in Gib can live here, only problem is that they would either have to rent or buy a dwelling. Due to the size of the place I’m sure even you can appreciate that there arent that many council houses available. Here in Gib University attendance in the UK is paid for solely by the Gibraltar Govt. It boils down to common sense and economics, I’ve paid my taxes here for over 30 years. The local Govt simply could not afford to pay for everyone’s Uni attendance. Unfortunately in the UK this same privallige is not available, as my own sister who lives there will tell you, mainly because the UK govt are too busy handing out obscene amounts of cash to the EU so that your country men in Spain can have regional airports that cater for only 1 flight a day, the best high speed rail network outside of Japan, unused toll roads running parallel to perfectly good dual carriageways, whole housing estates lying abandoned, farming subsides, fishing subsidies the list is endless!
    My family arrived here back in 1978 when my farther left the British army after serving 22 yrs, we rented a flat and I went to the local school, my brother and sister got jobs, the frontier was shut at the time btw. So I think that should answer your argument.
    As for your colonies not being called colonies, that’s the typical Spanish comment that we’ve all heard many times before, ‘your enclaves are not colonies only in your eyes, and because you say so!’, typical double standards as usual.
    Spain wants to be treated as an adult on the world stage and claims to be a democracy yet it’s double standards and treatment of its own people is more reminiscent of its fascist past than that of a modern democracy. It’s no wonder The Catalans want out!
    Don’t take it the wrong way I am not a hater of Spain, I too am a quarter Spanish on my mothers side and I think the vast majority of Spaniards are lovely people, but politically General Franco is still running your country with an iron fist and until he is truly laid to rest and his followers are finally brought to justice attitudes will remain the same.

  10. One final thought, Spain claims to support Human rights around the world and peoples right to self determination, but only if it does not directly effect them. Is this not somewhat hypocritical? The people of Gibraltar have been living under the British flag for over 300 years longer than the USA has existed as a nation. The former Yugoslavian States were allowed to break up and declare independence from each other ( supported by Spain), yet according to Spain we do not have this same right in Gibraltar. Must it always take a war for people to be granted the right to be left in peace?

    It is true that most Spaniards are taught and force fed at an early age, in schools, this rubbish about Gibraltar being stolen from them and how one day they will have it returned.
    But seriously if it were to be returned would Spain be a better place? Would the lives of the average Spaniard be enriched somewhat?
    The answer is simply no, everything in Spain would remain the same. The only difference is that Gib would be a worse place for the change, the last 300 years of history of which Spain has no part would be quietly erased as would the peoples identity, all so that a few people could claim to have restored some phoney notion of national pride which would be forgotten in a week.

  11. Cuidadanos,
    you are lying – the Canary Islands were taken by force from the native Guanch, their leader choosing death rather than slavery – are you so stupid to think that others don’t know the truth.

    You have no right to be in North Africa as you are not indigenous to the Magreb – what ‘Spanish are you anyway’ – Goth/Visigoth/Swabian/Catalan/Euskadi/Gallego or Arab/Hebrew Semite – please do tell as we like to know who we are talking to.

  12. Stu, what a load of rubbish. If we have no right to be in North Africa, all anglosaxons and descendants living in Austalia,Canada and New Zealand have no rights either. Quite honestly, you are not making a very good case for a British settlement on the Iberian peninsula the minute you come up with us not having the right to have territories outside the Iberian peninsula.

    Incidentally, do you know what happened to the indigenous population of Tasmania? They were hunted down like animals until there were none left. Great case of indigenous population extermination in the 19th century.

    There are many countries that can critisise Spain´s colonial actions but not the UK for heaven´s sake!

  13. Great post Andy. Really shows up the head-in-the-sand attitudes of many here. Amazing how people like Ciudadanos choose one rule to defend their view, but then the very same rule is totally dismissed as and per expedience.

    Let’s face it. There’s only one rule in Spain. Francisco Franco’s. He rules from the grave through the self-interested puppets, and dictatorial system he left behind. Until Spain owns up to this truth, it will never change and never improve. The only man who tried to do something is himself facing charges to be thrown in prison as a result! It would ba laughable, were it not so sad…

  14. Mike Málaga:
    In 1955, after Franco had managed to kill most of his opponents, the UN General Assembly and the UN security council voted Spain in as a full member of the UN. The only nations to vote against Spain were México and Belgium. So as you can see, the UK did its bit to help Franco.

  15. Ciudadanos said
    December 2nd, 2013 6:44 pm

    “Mike Málaga:
    In 1955, after Franco had managed to kill most of his opponents, the UN General Assembly and the UN security council voted Spain in as a full member of the UN. The only nations to vote against Spain were México and Belgium. So as you can see, the UK did its bit to help Franco.”

    Rather short sighted I agree but then I would add


    300 years of existence as British Gibraltar gives us all the right to self determination and to our land whatever the mix of our ancestry. And please be truthful. The inhabitants of Gibraltar at the time, transplanted from mainland Spain to stop Berber attacks, were given the choice of swearing allegiance to the queen of England or getting out of Gib with all their posessions, most did, some returned. The indigenous population of Ceuta and Melilla were outnumbered by Castilians brought over to vote in a referendum whether they wanted to continue under the Portuguese King or Spain. And I seem to recollect reading the Guanches’ tongues were cut out to stop them using their own language, they resorted to whistling to message each other.

    And by the way Franco is still alive and kicking inside the minds of many thousands of Spaniards so don’t worry about Gibraltarians, worry about yourselves.

  16. Ciudadanos clearly gets his information from Franco recommended books, and American movies.
    The ignorance he, and others, display about world history is disturbing.

    Spain, France, Potugal, Belgium, even the Netherlands went around the world stealing land, killing and torturing locals, and ruthlessly tried to retain power.

    Britain imposed the rule of law.

    Yes we’ve all heard of a few terrible actions, but dont forget the vast majority of Britains actions lead to the improvement of the governed states.
    While people were dying to get away from the Spanish, a few Brits were managing a fifth of the worlds population.

    Oh, and dont forget you [spain] sold Gib to a group of Jews. [later you killed them all and stole their land].

    So enough already! You obviously will never get it back.

  17. Cuidadanos,
    it’s not a load of rubbish – you are lying. Yes the English/Dutch/French and Germans did take North America by force and the English did the same in Australia and New Zealand but I have never encountered a single English/Dutch or German who deny this but is’nt it strange that you hav’nt mentioned what you Spanish did (and are doing now) in Central and South America and in the process destroyed two civilizations.

    As Andy pointed out you are a total hypocrite and sadly there are too many Spanish just like you.

    I’ve got an excellent idea – you Spanish pay back all the huge amount of money which northern Europe gave you, with compound interest, leave the EU and we will send back all the Spanish working in other EU countries. We can repatriate all the Brit/Dutch/German and French residents and then you will be as happy as Larry – with your ass hanging out of your trousers.

    You only take from the EU, you abuse EU directives you don’t like and refuse to implement them – great, leave the EU – guess what – we don’t need you and we can buy from other countries cheaper – actually travelling by burro is much greener than travelling by car.

  18. Stuart I read once you live in FRANCE yes?

    So what’s the obsession with being constantly angry at SPAIN and the Spanish on this blog?

    Me thinks you need to sit down, eat some Camembert, then ride off on a bicycle somewhere. Get some fresh air.

  19. David M:
    If Britain was so wonderful during its colonial exploits, why did a quarter of the world living under the oasis of “rule and law” imposed by the UK, decide to fight with their lives for independence ?

    The other day I made the terrible mistake of driving by car from Gatwick into central London. It took me an hour and half!! I really felt that I was in the third world except for the speed cameras ever 500mts, what is it with the speed cameras? Do they give them away? On my return back to Madrid I felt a breath of fresh air to be back on proper highways and ring roads leading into the center of Madrid (encountered only one speed camera).
    I can assure you the EU money in Spain has been very well spent.

    With respect to Spain leaving the EU, are you crazy? We are really happy with the deal we get. It’s the UK You should be worried about. Your overall debt is significanty higher than that of Spain, when you democratically decide to leave the EU in referendum, you will effectively be committing economic suicide.

  20. I find it quite pathetic (and too predictable) when Spanish people on here resort to the ‘your country is worse than my country’ argument. It changes the point away from the real issues (as Franco apologists usually do). As if we didn’t know the faults of our own country! We don’t need you to remind us or enlighten us as you seem to think you are sometimes. We know. We do look at ourselves. Try doing the same a bit more.

    A perfect example is the ‘your debt is bigger than our debt’ argument. I first heard this one being trotted out on Talk Radio Europe by the mayor of Mijas (his excellency or whatever it is they must call him). It was during an interview where he coincidentally denied there was an economic recession at all. “Look around!” he told us. “The bars are full! People are everywhere. Recession. What recession!” He then went into his debt diatribe.

    It shows a very basic misunderstanding of economics, as a German economist contributor also tried to put to him (but decided he was clearly wasting his time). The UK debt IS higher. Try finding out what serviceable debt is – because Spain’s debt certainly isn’t.

  21. Mike Málaga:

    There is only so much the Bank of England can do, you have even had to hire a Canadian to run the show. Growth at the expense of inflation is a double ended sword. If inflation gets out of control, the markets will turn against the UK and your debt will not be serviceable.

  22. Cuidadanos,
    if you don’t like the Brits what are you doing in the UK and if we treated you Spanish the same way you do Brits in Spain you would not have a job because the Spanish only use foreigners (North African) who earn peanuts doing work the Spanish do not like, I never heard of a single north European being offered work of any kind.

    Yes I know you Spanish are happy with the deal you get from the mugs in northern Europe.

    There are so many stories right here on the OP that recount just how you Spanish have squandered billions and billions of Euros – airports that have never seen a plane land – toll roads that no one uses – money (€870 million) supposed to be used to fund employment and where did it go, straight into the bank accounts of corrupt Andalucian politicians.

    You have proved to everyone on this thread that sadly, you suffer very badly from denial syndrome.

    Also you really should’nt try to argue economics with those who really do understand, it just makes you look muy tonto.

  23. Smithy, many people do not live in Spain, but we have had a lot of trouble with Spain and we are helping people know exactly what it is like there before they waste their time and money as well. Many people are homeless because of Spain. I think it is worth letting people know this, of course your opinion may differ but freedom of speech…
    Ciudadanos, we are where we are and don’t waste your life thinking about 300 years ago or more, move on and use your energy for something more positive, wars, killing, trying to get a rock back is it worth all that macho stuff? If Scotland don’t want to be part of the UK we are agreeing to let them move on, you should let the people over there live their lives in peace. Just because Gibraltar is run properly or they have more jobs without all the corruption should not make the Spanish jealous. Just this week a report showed corruption is getting worse in Spain, starting a business is almost impossible, put your efforts there and it would be appreciated by all, me included.

  24. Can you read?

    Rolling out crticisms of the UK ISN’T a valid argument against the failings of Spain. I’ve lived here 20 years. I run a business here (made incredibly difficult and hasn’t improved since I started and pay my taxes here (lots of them). I employ Spanish people here (also costly and not made easy by the government). I AGREE with many of the ‘enlightening’ statements you make about the UK. But when we are discussing SPAIN, why is your only response to trot out examples of how the UK is worse!??! IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT!!!! Picking fault in the UK doesn’t make the problems of Spain go away.

    Head in the sand as usual.

  25. @Ciudadanos: do you recognise the fact that spain is in dire straits? can you discuss how to improve the failing situations *without* criticising other countries?

    What do you recommend to fix the out of control economy, the blatent theft of public money, the endemic corruption, the nepotisum, the disgusting rise of the extreme right…?

    Dont distract with “in your country…” or “Gibraltar said this…” – just tell us what you are doing to make the world a better place?!

  26. Ciudadanos – where are you?

    Lots of questions to answer about Spain, find the courage to answer them and please don’t resort to more lies about the conquistadores or how the EU money was’nt squandered on useless ego trips.

    Smithy – sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. I’ll bet that I have visited more regions of Spain than you and have lived in two totally different areas of the country. I know Spain from 1968 onwards – what’s your experience – one small corner of Andalucia, from when?

    As Reap has pointed out – there are those with rose tinted glasses who have never suffered from the corruption that is endemic to the Spanish – so of course your egocentric view is the only one that counts.

    I have said this before to others like you – I wish for you loads and loads of problems, maybe losing your home, being fined for things you did’nt do and of course if these things do happen to you don’t bother coming on the forum wailing about these problems – you will get no sympathy.

  27. Ciudadanos, I stopped driving around central London about 10 years ago, unless I really had to drive or a Sunday early in the morning is OK. The reason why is it so busy is because people want to be there, either for work, probably like you, or tourism. I don’t know anyone that goes to Madrid for business and I would rather go to Barcelona for a weekend than Madrid. I have driven through it a few times and you are right there are not many people there, just like most of Spain. The more popular a place is the busier it is, just like a good restaurant! Spain needs to sort out it’s image and the Gibraltar things and the house demolition in out papers and TV’s every week it actually putting people off your Country. That is a shame as I would love Spain to be a nice place to live in, you have great weather, salads etc but the Country is going in reverse on the existing path which is a real shame.

  28. We can read in Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1879 (vol. 10, page 586) that the English occupation of Gibraltar was an act of piracy against England’s honour.
    Swashbuckling days are not entirely forgotten in Gibraltar, as it is a refugefor piracy for thousands of tax free companies known as “brass plate” (they don’t operate locally).
    I am calling on a universal “Parlay” on this front. In 1966 British historian Arnold J. Toynbee spoke about the injustice of the British occupation of Gibraltar.
    There was not any dignity and chivalry for the english people in that time, taking advantage stolen a part of Spain in a civil sucession spanish war. Actually some people of equal coat want carry on with that larceny so the answer will be always NO.
    Gibraltar is a colony and an english population experiment, they can change the constitutions, the name, rules, phisionomy, etc but never his genesis and we know the end of the history so we will patients and persistent.

    This is a three hundred year old conflict, as the Ultrecht Treaty of 1713 only contemplates the concession of the Rock, without any jurisdiction of its surrounding waters. It also excludes the Isthmus, and contemplates no terrestrial communication with mainland Spain.

    The new Gibraltarians are descendents of an imported population by english rule of inmigrations from 1704. (There a lot of evidences about it and there old military documents in the Historical archive of San Roque) so Gibraltar will never have the right to self-determination, moreover,

    San Roque was found by the Gibraltar people who were expelled from the English in 1704, they captured the Rock and ransacked the churches and their homes. This town is located at a distance of 35 km from Estepona and 6 km from Gibraltar in the province of Cádiz. It has a population of about 30516.


    2429. Question of Gibraltar

    The General Assembly,

    Having considered the question of Gibraltar,

    Having heard the statements of the administering Power and the representative of Spain,

    Recalling its resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960,

    Recalling also its resolution 2353 (XXII) of 19 December 1967,

    1. Regrets that the administering Power has failed to comply with General Assembly resolution 2353 (XXII);

    2. Declares that the continuation of the colonial situation in Gibraltar is incompatible with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and of General Assembly resolution 1514 (XV);

    3. Requests the administering Power to terminate the colonial situation in Gibraltar no later than 1 October 1969;

    4. Calls upon the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to begin without delay the negotiations with the Government of Spain provided for in resolution 2353 (XXII);

    5. Requests theSecretary-General to give the Governments of Spain and the United Kingdom ofGreat Britain and Northern Ireland any assistance they may require for the implementation of the present resolution, and to report thereon to the General Assembly at its twenty-fourth session.

    1747th plenary meeting,

    18 December 1968.


    Resolution 2353 (XXII) of 19 December 1967

    The General Assembly,

    Having considered the question of Gibraltar,

    Having heard the statements of the administering Power and of the representative of Spain,

    Recalling its Resolution 1514 (XV) of the 14 December 1960,

    Recalling further the resolution adopted on the 1 September 1967 by the Special Committee on the Situation with regard to the Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, General Assembly resolutions 2070 (XX) of the 16 December 1965 and 2231 (XXI) of the 20 December 1966 and the consensus adopted on the 16 October 1964 by the Special Committee,

    Considering that any colonial situation which
    partially or completely destroys the national unity and territorial integrity of a country is incompatible with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and especially with paragraph 6 of General Assembly resolution 1514 (XV),

    1. Regrets the interruption of negotiations recommended in General Assembly resolutions 2070 (XX) and 2231 (XXI);

    2. Declares the holding of the referendum of 10 September 1967 by the administering Power to be a contravention of the provisions of General Assembly resolution 2231 (XXI) and of those of the resolution approved on 1 September 1967 by the Special Committee on the Situation with regard to the Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples;

    3. Invites the Governments of Spain and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to resume without delay the negotiations provided for in General Assembly resolutions 2070 (XX) and 2231 (XXI), with a view to putting an end to the colonial situation in Gibraltar and to safeguarding the interests of the population upon the termination of that situation;

    4. Requests the Secretary-General to assist the Governments of Spain and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the implementation of the present resolution and to report thereon to the General Assembly in its twenty-third session.


    UN Question of Gibraltar:

    Considering that any colonial situation which partially or
    completely destroys the national unity and territorial integrity of a country is incompatible with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and especially with paragraph 6 of General Assembly resolution 1514 (XV).

    In international law the hierarchy between States n order the importance:

    1- Agreements – International Threaty. (TU)




    5-Exchange of notes

    6-Memoranda of Understanding


    The negative of Camaron goverment do not enter into honest sovereignty negotiation with Spain is violating:

    The Treaty of Utrecht.

    The UN Resolutions.

    The Lisboa Declarations of 1980.

    The Brussels Declarations of 1984.


    About Spanish territorial waters:



    Upon signature (4 December 1984):

    1. TheSpanish Government, upon signing this Convention, declares that this act cannot be interpreted as recognition of any rights or situations relating to the maritime spaces of Gibraltar which are not included in article 10 of the Treaty of Utrecht of 13 July 1713 between the Spanish and British Crowns. The Spanish
    Government also considers that Resolution III of the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea is not applicable in the case of the Colony of Gibraltar, which is undergoing a decolonization process in which only the relevant resolutions adopted by the United Nations General Assembly apply.

    2. It is the Spanish Government’s interpretation that the régime established in Part III of the Convention is compatible with the right of the coastal State to issue and
    apply its own air regulations in the air space of the straits used for
    international navigation so long as this does not impede the transit passage of

    3. With regard to article 39, paragraph 3, it takes the word “normally” to
    mean “except in cases of force majeure or distress”.

    4. With regard to Article 42, it considers that the provisions of paragraph 1 (b) do
    not prevent it from issuing, in accordance with international law, laws and
    regulations giving effect to generally accepted international regulations.

    5. The Spanish Government interprets articles 69 and 70 of the Convention as meaning that access to fishing in the economic zones of third States by the fleets of developed land-locked and geographically disadvantaged States is dependent upon the prior granting of access by the coastal States in question to the nationals
    of other States who have habitually fished in the economic zone concerned.

    6. It interprets the provisions of Article 221 as not depriving the coastal State of a strait used for international navigation of its powers, recognized by international law, to intervene in the case of the casualties referred to in that article.

    7. It considers that Article 233 must be interpreted, in any case, in conjunction with the provisions of Article 34.

    8. It considers that, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 297 regarding the settlement of disputes, Articles 56, 61 and 62 of the Convention preclude considering as discretionary the powers of the coastal State to determine the allowable catch, its harvesting capacity and the allocation of surpluses to other States.

    9. Its interpretation of Annex III, Article 9, is that the provisions thereof shall not obstruct participation, in the joint ventures referred to in paragraph 2, of the States Parties whose industrial potential precludes them from participating directly as contractors in the exploitation and resources of the Area.

    About Spanish workers force in Gibraltar (2012 Gibraltar stadistic):
    Around 1.500 workers full time contract and similar quantity part time contract.
    99.8% live in Spain.
    I would liked in 1713 the King Louis XIV of France under the name of Spain instead of ceded Gibraltar had ceded Nice. For sure you had a self determination decision to leave that territory ipso facto.

    In XXI century Great Britain and Spain are two allies states with a very good relationship, both have good and integrate people that want deepen and improve their relation without impediments like Gibraltar lilliput.

  29. @Yanitospanish: If you ask *very* nicely, we the British will take charge of your country and improve your economy, general attitude, and return spain to a place people want to be.
    Or you can continue being silly, crying about land you are not entitled to, and generally deserving of the label PIGS country.

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