The Olive Press’ most commented news of the week…

1. British man ripped off by car transportation company

A British man claims he has been ripped off to the tune of thousands by a dodgy car transportation company he used to repatriate his vehicle.

2. Spanish the most important language for Brits to learn

Spanish is the most important language for Brits to learn, according to the British Council.

3. Former Jerez mayor ordered to find €11 million in bail for corruption case

Prosecutors have asked that former Jerez mayor Pilar Sanchez face an €11.4 million bail payment over the ‘Plan E’ corruption case.

4. Oil not so slick in Andalucia

Olive oil production in Andalucia will fall short of predictions due to late ripening and a lack of rain.

5. Mental health problems cause ‘shame’ for families

Spanish researchers found relatives of those with drug and alcohol dependency or a mental illness, felt embarrassed to admit someone in their family was afflicted.

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