ANIMAL RIGHTS groups urged Spain to ban the use of dogs in hunting, which they said leads to the abandonment of roughly 50,000 greyhounds each year when they become too slow to hunt with.

Greyhounds, known as “galgos”, are used in Spain for hunting, but when the end of the November-February hunting season comes around their owners often decide they have no further need for them.

Campaigners say many are just abandoned and often starve to death or die in car accidents.

In some cases hunters dispose of their greyhounds by hanging them from trees or throwing them down wells, or they torture poorly performing dogs by breaking their legs or burning them.

Silvia Barquero, the vice president of Pacma, a small animal rights party, said: “A ban on hunting with dogs, as already exists in other European nations, would be a measure that would avoid much suffering to all these animals.”


  1. Hunting dogs suffer in Spain. Discarded when too old or weak. Fed with dry bread. Living in dungeons. EU laws, EU country, well let me assure you that the pueblos don’t care one bit, nor the authorities. Try make a Denuncia and you will be unheard.

  2. Several animal defense groups have already joined a discussion forum – often meeting in Torre del Mar to try to take concerted action against such cruelty.

    Advocate, activist, refuge and protectorate groups meet regularly once a month.

    For information in English language in the first instance
    contact 620102850 (Christine) and see how we might all join forces. Glad to see your heading ‘shameofspain.’ This forum which is bilingual and chaired by a Spanish citizen wishes to attract more local Spanish advocates against cruelty.

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