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Animal Awareness Education Day organised by Guardia Civil to take place in Palma 

An Animal Awareness Education Day organised by Guardia Civil will take place in Palma on Saturday June 10.  The aim of the event, which will...

Farm owner investigated after 31 horses were found dead in Murcia 

A MAN is being investigated after 31 horses were found dead at his farm in Murcia.  The animals died of a respiratory infection and some...

Bull breaks legs, is put down at fiesta in Spain’s Valencia region after jumping over wall 

A BULL had to be put down at a local fiesta in Valencia on Saturday after it jumped over a wall and fell 15...

Campaign calls for an end to Spain’s status as the ‘biggest dolphin prison in the world’

A YOUNG Spanish animal-rights activist has handed over to Congress a petition with 150,000 signatures calling for an end to the high number of...

Spanish Congress approves new Animal Welfare Law

The Spanish Congress has approved a controversial animal welfare bill that excludes hunting dogs and increases penalties for mistreatment of pets by owners and...

Minister in Spain laughs off accusations that government is ‘legalising bestiality’

SOCIAL RIGHTS Minister Ione Belarra has laughed off accusations that the Spanish government is ‘decriminalising bestiality’.  The leader of the leftist Podemos party said during...

Spain passes animal rights bill, but excludes hunting dogs from new protections

A CONTROVERSIAL new animal rights law has passed the Spanish parliament, but with an important exception: it will not cover hunting dogs or other...

Not all animals in Spain are equal

Spain's PSOE party is wanting to place hunting and working dogs into a loophole in the new animal rights law proposed to protect companion animals.

Third killer whale dies at Spain’s Tenerife Loro Parque

ANOTHER 'orca' killer whale has died in captivity at Tenerife’s Loro Parque, says campaign group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). On Thursday,...

Spain’s government takes action to stop controversial fiesta where bull is stabbed with spikes and hooks

The Spanish government has called on the public prosecutor’s office to take action in a bid to stop the controversial Toro de la Vega...

Outrage over ‘horror’ video showing bull suffering during fiesta in Albarracin, northeastern Spain

Each summer in towns and villages across Spain, fiestas take place involving local townsfolk, many focusing on bullfighting activities. But the latest video to provoke...

EXCLUSIVE: Expat couple vow to leave Spain after beloved dog shot by hunters and police ‘did nothing’

AN expat couple have slammed police inactivity after their dog was shot dead by hunters on an evening stroll. Jennifer and Victor Gebhardt, 67 and...

Donkey taxis slammed as ‘chronic mistreatment’ in Mijas on Spain’s Costa del Sol

ANIMAL rights party slam burro taxi owners for the ‘chronic mistreatment’ of the animals used to drive tourists ‘from sunrise to sunset.’ The animal rights...

ANALYSIS: Will new animal welfare laws do enough to change attitudes in Spain?

As Spain introduces a raft of new animal protection laws, Jo Chipchase explores what it really means for animal welfare.

ANALYSIS: The beastly dilemma of animal rights in Spain

A new draft bill triggers fears of an animal farm scenario among the far right, writes Heather Galloway.

Animals in Spain awarded new legal status as ‘sentient beings’ rather than things

DOMESTIC animals are now recognised as ‘sentient beings’ and no longer considered ‘objects’ in Spain, after new legislation was passed in a parliamentary vote on Thursday December 2.

Outrage after escaped bull rammed to death by car during town fiesta in central Spain

ANIMAL rights groups have expressed outrage after a bull was mowed down by cars after escaping from a bullring during a fiesta in central...

Pets in Spain move step closer to ‘human status’ with breakthrough animal welfare law

UNDER a new proposal passed by Spain’s parliament on Wednesday, domestic animals will be considered ‘living beings’ instead of mere objects. Spain’s congress voted to...

Heavy riders to be BANNED from riding donkeys in Spain’s Mijas come 2020

It comes after a long campaign by local animal rights activists who say some donkeys have died due to their poor working conditions.

Locals in Mallorca defend expat owned ‘zoo from hell’ after it was exposed in UK and Spanish press

A CONTROVERSIAL Mallorca zoo has hit back after angry tourists complained about the ‘poor physical and mental condition’ of the animals. One holiday-maker described, ‘emaciated...

‘SHAME ON YOU’: Plan to protect donkeys and ban larger riders REJECTED by politicians in Spain’s Mijas

“Shame on you all, you are the ones that should have ended this overnight"

‘Greedy’ landowner sells expats’ animal refuge land near Costa del Sol meaning 800 animals could be killed

“The ruthless owner has already shown his true colours,” said a foundation spokesperson

‘ABSOLUTE FILTH’: British comedian Ricky Gervais SLAMS participants of Spanish ‘horse-wrestling’ festival

It comes as Gervais, who is a consistent supporter of animal rights, criticised a Spanish matador in May, for wiping the tears of a dying bull, calling him a ‘sequinned c**t’

‘Sequinned C**T’ – British comic Ricky Gervais slams Spanish matador who wiped tears from dying bull

Comedian Gervais has longed criticised animal cruelty and has spoken out previously against 'traditional' blood sports such as trophy hunting

WATCH: Matador wipes away ‘tears’ of dying bull in a ‘perverse’ move slammed by Spain’s animal rights group

Morante de la Puebla wiped blood from the dying bull’s face with his handkerchief in a gesture condemned by animal rights groups.

‘DIRTY SECRET’: Spain’s hunters leave 50,000 dogs to die with many thrown down wells as hunting season ends

Previously dogs were tied to tree branches or had their throats cut, and some were even tied to railway tracks or burned alive





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