A Mallorcan town will become the first council in Spain to ban horse drawn carriages in a ‘historic’ move. 

Councillors trying out the new electric carriages in Valencia Photo. Ayuntamiento de Alcuia

The measures will ‘put an end to the suffering of animals’ by replacing horse drawn carriages with electric powered vehicles. 

The proposal received unanimous approval at a council meeting on Tuesday, December 12.

The bylaw amendment is the result of years of campaigning by residents, tourists and animal rights groups. 

Even carriage drivers are backing the motion and will pay for the new vehicles themselves. 

The two politicians behind the law are Unio per Alcudia councillor, Azahara Machado and Guillermo Amengual, president of the Progreso en Verde, an animal rights party. 

He said: “We want to thank everyone for moving towards a society more empathetic to animals.”

The changes are expected to be in effect by the end of summer 2024.


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