A MAN is being investigated after 31 horses were found dead at his farm in Murcia. 

The animals died of a respiratory infection and some of them were in a state of decomposition. 

A veterinary technician working with the Guardia Civil has confirmed some of the horses passed away over a month ago. 

Officers have said that 14 of them were found in a shared space with around 20 goats that could have entered the food chain at any time.

The owner allegedly told the agents that the corpses had not been taken away because his insurance would not cover the removal costs. 

Agents further informed that the farm does not have the corresponding municipal activity licence.

It has also been reported that 15 dead horses in an advanced state of decomposition had previously been discovered at the same farm less than a year ago. 

The farm owner will face trial over the next few months. 

He could be looking at a prison sentence of three to 18 months, according to Spain’s Penal Code.  

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