MOTORISTS had a lucky escape as a huge rock crashed down onto the A397 linking Ronda and the Costa del Sol at 10am this morning.

Traffic came to a standstill as a massive boulder blocked the road at km 29. Emergency services have enabled one lane of traffic are still on the scene awaiting the arrival of a  machine to break up the rock.

The rock fall comes after several days of rain with yellow warnings for more heavy rain forecast over the next few days.

The A397 is one of the major accident black spots in Malaga province.

The mayors of both Ronda and Marbella have recently called for action to improve safety on the dangerous mountain road.


  1. PM,
    the excitement was definately ruined for 2 unlucky people on a scenic railway from Nice where a huge boulder just like the one in the photo crashed into the train – what are the odds on that – it could have been dislodged at any time but to hit that train at that moment – talk about bad luck.

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