THE red palm weevil is wreaking havoc with Spain’s palm trees and has become a major concern for many town halls.

Authorities are carrying out regular checks and control procedures and anyone who spots one is encouraged to contact their local town hall.

The beetles excavate holes in the trunk of palm trees which weaken it, cause yellowing and wilting of the leaves and eventually it dies.

The adult beetles, first recorded in Spain in 1994, range from 2cm to 5cm long.

They are originally from Asia but have spread to Africa and Europe.


  1. pour about 70 litres of jeyes fluid..or spanish zotal mixed in water every 3 weeks in summer ,6 in winter,espcially after any trimming…the new cut palm leaves or fronds attract the beasts.the smell of this deters new bugs and kills any in the tree at the time.pour or pump it into the centre\crown..even if the tree looks dead,they sometimes can be saved when they have helicoptered… of luck all

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