A PAKISTANI man has been caught purposefully chopping his own fingers off in a massive accident insurance scam, after they were found in a children’s playground.

The man had told hospital staff in Girona that he lost his fingers in a cooking accident, but actually stood to gain more than €122,000 from six accident policies with different insurance companies.

Police were called to a children’s playground a day later, where they found a bloodied knife and chopping board along with two severed fingers.

When they discovered the fingers belonged to the man in hospital, doctors attempted in vain to stitch them back on to his hand but too much time had passed for them to regain mobility.

The question as to how two fingers lost in the kitchen ended up in a playground however led investigators to unearth the huge insurance fraud.

They further discovered he had previously carried out a similar scam, cheating two insurance companies out of €24,000 for injuries to his other hand a year earlier.


  1. And here I thought this type scam only happened with MP’s in the UK trying to fiddle their Expense Claims?! Oh well – back to travel and housing expense/Capital Gains Tax scams!
    Farange – SAVE THE UK!

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