THEY like the high life and famously spit at their enemies.

The same could be said for fraudster Nigel Goldman seen here posing with an alpaca while on the run at a recent country fair in England.

Both sporting smug grins, the photo was posted on his girlfriend Suzanne Couling’s Facebook page, despite allegations that Goldman is currently being investigated for defrauding dozens of victims out of an estimated €15 million.

The conman, known for his newspaper columns and radio shows, sucked the luckless punters into an elaborate ponzi scheme, promising them sizeable returns.

However the addicted gambler was unable to keep his promises and was forced to flee his luxury million euro home, in Marbella, with fiance Couling last October.

He has since visited Morocco and Portugal, but is currently living with his girlfriend’s family in the UK, it can be revealed.

The latest revelation in the Goldman saga comes as his friend Richard Pope was handed a jail sentence for a similar scam.

See the Olive Press report of Pope’s sentence:

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  1. Carmel College has been in the Press lately for serious problems – no wonder pupils there turned out like Nigel Goldman – by the way – frolicking with a stuffed Alpaca at a Country Show hardly merits living the high life – certainly not like Goldman used to in Marbella where his lunches were legendary

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