THE most expensive restaurant in the world is set to open in Ibiza.

Glitzy Sublimotion offers diners a 20-course ‘gastro-sensory’ meal for a whopping €1,500 per person.

Based at the island’s new Hard Rock hotel, in Playa d’en Bossa, it only has covers for 12 guests each night in a specifically designed room.

They will be treated to a luxurious meal enhanced by visual, audio and aromatic stimulants.

Double Michelin starred chef Paco Roncero is behind the project.

Roncero, the guiding force behind Madrid’s excellent Casino, has five restaurants around the world and trained at the legendary El Bulli in Catalunya.

The ‘micro-environment’ – where the food is eaten – will constantly change with light shows and moving pictures to highlight stages of the meal, such as the arrival of dessert.

“The micro-environments depend on the cook, who is the emitter,” explains Roncero.

“The receiver is the diner, and the dish is the message and the setting is the channel.”


  1. oh bloody dear.
    the sad fact is that it will probably be fully booked one year ahead by a stupid clientele that believes that food is worth that money.
    coming from an Italian family, I can attest to the fact that good food HAS to be cheap and reasonable.

    some people……

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